Anticipating the damage that the presence of a major electronics hypermarket could do to its business, this family company unleashed its artillery with a flashy anti-slogan that weakened that of its competitor.

Sonidos Rubio is a family company with 31 years of history, specialized in the sale of electronics and household appliances for the second generation. Located in Badajoz, its calm was shaken a few months ago when the industry giant announced its establishment in the city’s only mall. “Since learning of this, we began working with RC&Media to deal with the huge impact that the arrival of this large area would have.

We saw what they were doing in other cities when they were implemented and we looked for ways to stop the disaster with the tight budget we had. So, after much deliberation, we paraphrased his own slogan and launched our own: We don’t know each other and compare prices. We have rented two billboards for 20 days with one large billboard plus two other billboards that we own and have it on a permanent basis. We did a few spots on local radio and various promotions around town and at our two outlets,” he says. jamie rubio, chain owner.

Such was the impact of the campaign that even the competition themselves took out their notebooks to “write down our prices, which they hadn’t done in any of the other cities where they were introduced, like our colleagues from other localities “. According to the same data, the decline that local operations usually suffer in the first few months after the launch of the giant is around 50%, “we managed to keep our sales,” he points out. Not content with that, they have decided to put all the meat on the grill and are preparing for next Christmas a call for bald people or people with bald wigs to get the Guinness record. “We are currently in talks with the Guinness Organization and looking for sponsors.

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