Blue Origin employees have expressed their doubts about Jeff Bezos' methods at the helm of the company

The employees of jeff bezos in Blue Origin they said enough. The Amazon founder’s space project started a few weeks ago with the start of his first journey for civilians. An advance that undoubtedly promises to revolutionize the luxury tourism sector in the future, but that has already caused some problems among employees who accuse Bezos of putting too much pressure on them to win the battle being fought between the most prestigious entrepreneurs the World.

In the past few months, more than twenty former and current employees of Jeff Bezos have signed an open letter criticizing the way the Amazon founder works. “Competition with other billionaires — and ‘Progress for Jeff’ — seemed to take precedence over security issues that would have slowed the program down,” they explain.

With that in mind, some information suggests so Safety warnings about the aircraft went unheeded by Jeff Bezos and the rest of the company’s management team, and that most of those aware of these errors would never board a Blue Origin ship.

Adding to the toxic and high-pressure environment Jeff Bezos has inflicted on his employees for months, Blue Origin employees have accused several of the company’s executives of sexist practices. In fact, one of the executives closest to Amazon’s founder and the company’s CEO is Bob SmithShe was promoted despite multiple pending allegations of sexual harassment of female employees.

The news comes to light a few months after Jeff Bezos resigned from Amazon, leaving the job of CEO to one of his right-hand men. Andy Jessicato fully focus on his other projects, among which Blue Origin stands out.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Richard Branson compete for control of space tourism

The undue pressure Blue Origin employees appear to have been under has to do with the intense struggle being waged at the top of the corporate agenda for control of space tourism. Richard Bransonwith Virgin Galactic, Elon Muskwith SpaceX and his own jeff bezos They are struggling to lead in a segment dedicated to the wealthiest of the public.

With this in mind, the three entrepreneurs have been developing their own rockets and spacecraft for around two decades, with the intention of transforming luxury tourism and making space travel without being an astronaut an option for billionaires on vacation. The ticket for access to one of his planes It cost $28 million.

Although Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have already made their first space trips, Elon Musk is still developing his company SpaceX’s project, which promises to go one step further and sell tickets for tourists to visit the International Space Station, something that could turn out delay several months.

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