It took Ramón Iglesias three years of negotiations and more than 10,000 euros in licenses to set up the company and start selling wine. “And that I’m a long-distance runner…I’ve started a lot of companies,” he says. “It’s always more complex. There are rules, regulations… It’s a mess”.

From the beginning of the adventure to the first bottle sold, a lot of time passed due to rules and regulations. First method, the action project. The land on which he wanted to build the winery was inherited from his parents. “In Andalusia, before building for an activity on vacant land, you must carry out the action project: Article 42 of the Urban Planning Act contains very imprecise requirements (for example, the project must contain “all other provisions” that require a reasonable assessment), which are interpreted by the officer on duty will. The problem is that the legislature makes laws and when it reaches the officials, they no longer know how to interpret it.” Iglesias was asked for a plan that would justify the ownership of the property, the cadastral plan, a cartography… Overall more than one year. The next step was the construction project and the building permit for the warehouse. “For every economic activity you have to obtain the uniform environmental permit and that’s where the mess comes from. In order for the Environment Ministry to authorize an activity, it requests information from other ministries. The easiest thing would have been for someone on the council to look at the ship and confirm that the ship is fine…” he explains. It was not like that. “Because I wanted to work in a previously constructed warehouse, I had to request a certificate of non-requirement for archaeological prospection to demonstrate that it was not necessary to conduct an archaeological study.”

Then an investigation of the acoustic effect to measure the decibels. As the nearest inhabited area was 2.5 km away, noise pollution was not a problem. “I graduated in March 2012, three years later. We already sell wine and oil”. And now you can work? “The other day they came to take an oil sample and the technician shut down 19 two liter containers of oil. 38 liters for a simple sample! The madness continues.”

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