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58% of advertisers will increase their investments in branded content this year. according to the sixth edition of the Content Scope carried out by Scopen for BCMA Spain. It is the communication format preferred by advertisers in a period marked by the recovery of the advertising sector.

The reason? what is he format that best helps brands capture consumer attention, in a context that continues to be so heavily influenced by the bounty of messages the consumer is receiving. And the one that generates the greatest brand recall. According to the Branded Content study conducted by IAB Spain and sponsored by Adevinta Spain 25% of users remember the brands they associate with this type of branded content.

Therefore, “One of the most important challenges we are currently facing is finding the intersection between the interests of a brand and those of its potential target audience. Information saturation and the high need for attention force us to be very selective about the content we consume. And for that Branded content allows you to share values, benefits, emotions or just entertainmentmeaningfully for both parties,” says Jon Lavín, Director of Madrid Content School.

The branded content that resonates the most

But even within branded content, there are different formats and models to reach the audience. In this sense, “the convergence of other digital assets (blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies…) means that we have to look out for new ways of integrating them into projects. As strategists we have always thought of creating our own brand universe with our own language and building a community around it, now we can literally do that,” says the director of the Madrid Content School, from where the main industry trends for this year originate :

Creation of experiences and virtual environments for brands. This requires a specific narrative that not only translates projects into the virtual, but also understands this new narrative to create something that truly adds value and fits into a brand’s strategy and goals.

DDigital art development and NFTs which arouse great interest. We need to update and understand it in all its complexity.

digitization of the customer experience. Non-invasive relationships need to be built based on the two parties winning and respecting as equals. And finally, just as the commercial, sales and conversion touchpoints have changed due to digitization, it is necessary to understand the same language from communication. Rethinking the touchpoints and the role each individual has.

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