The study is based on a compilation of documentary material and statistics from various official sources, supplemented by interviews with the technical agents themselves and with business people from the region; After carrying out a diagnosis of the situation in the area and its surroundings, the sectors and activities with the greatest potential in the area were identified, representing business and investment opportunities for those local or foreign entrepreneurs, businessmen or investors betting on the development of their companies in these communities; Likewise, the evaluation of each activity is considered, among other things, according to investment requirement parameters, innovation needs, required human resources, profitability expectations.

Opportunities have been identified in sectors and activities such as care of dependent persons, farm service companies, production of agricultural products and by-products, companies in the tourism sector or teleservice and/or teleworking companies.

The study materializes in 18 business idea sheets that develop aspects such as the definition of the target audience, the main obstacles to starting the activity or the key factors for business success, as well as various guiding hypotheses on investments that deal with being a guide for those who work on it are interested in starting a business project in these areas.

To accompany the study, five profitability plans were prepared on identified business ideas: dependent care services, cleaning services, school farm, artisanal food industry and multi-adventure activities.

These materials have been made available to those interested in the support services for businesses and entrepreneurs in the area: Employment and Local Development Agencies, CEDER Campiña Sur, Siglo XXI, ADEA, Chamber of Commerce, SEXPE offices and Red Territorial Observatories of the Diputación de Badajoz.