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Entrepreneurial and technological women

Women TechEU is a new European Union initiative that offers world-class training and mentoring for female entrepreneurs and techies, as well as funding to take their business to the next level. Women TechEU offers:

-Financial support to the company in the form of an individual grant of 75,000 euros to support the first steps of the innovation process and company growth

-Mentoring and coaching provided by EIC’s Business Acceleration Services (BAS) as part of the new Women’s Leadership Programme, including dedicated networking and presentation events.

-The possibility of participating in specific activities organized by InvestEU and the Enterprise Europe Network.

limit date for the presentation of applications is the November 10th from 2021 at 5 p.m. You can apply via this link

The 8th generation of Celera

Celerathe accelerator launched by the Rafael del Pino Foundation, has opened the application period for anyone interested in participating in the selection process for those who will form the eighth “generation”. The call is open from 15.09 and will be resolved in January 2022.

It is a free program that anyone can apply for as long as they meet the requirements for Spanish residency, are between the ages of 20 and 35 and speak good English. What they are looking for in Celera is not entrepreneurs to mentor, although many of them ultimately choose that option. In Celera the Vein They are individual people with a desire to have a positive impact on their environment.

Only ten young people are selected each year to become part of a long-term program spanning 3 years. Since Celera’s inception to date, a total of 70 people have gone through the program, including the names of Natalie RodriguezCEO and Founder of Saturn Laboratories either Ignatius MorenoCo-founder of the successful Capchase.

Celera was born in 2014 as an initiative of Javier Garcia Martinez, scientist, professor and founder of Rive Technology, seeks the support of the Rafael del Pino Foundation. Two other foundations later joined the project: Sabadell Bank Y Francisco Soria Melguizo. It is currently Mary Pole the person stepping on the gas.

For social entrepreneurs

until December 30, 2021 You can apply for the job advertisement by email social communityb where they look for social impact projects. Through their Open Innovation Calls, they support the development of solutions driven by people, companies and organizations aimed at building a better world.

In addition to the above, there are many more active calls for entrepreneurs that you can check out through their website.

Princess of Girona Awards

Another call corresponds to that FPdGi Awards 2022. The Princess of Girona Foundation has opened the call for its awards for 2022 with the aim of distinguishing the personal and professional career of Young people between 16 and 35 years who have distinguished themselves through their work, their merits and their exemplary manner. The prices include 5 categories: art and literature; Business; scientific research; social and international entrepreneurship.

through this shortcut You can see what is required for the different categories, the different bases, the prices set for each of them and present the candidacy. receiving applications for the Arts and Letters categories; Business; Scientific research will remain open until October 31, 2021.

The FPdGi Award comes with an economic endowment of €20,000 and the recognized youth will also receive a sculpture exclusively designed by Arts and Letters winner Juan Zamora.

Grants for programmers

The school of programmers 4Geeks Academy announces the launch of more than 300 scholarships worldwide worth one million euros via the marketplace Landing.Jobs. According to them, “the school seeks to reactivate quality employment through the development of professionals from the world of programming at a time when the sector does not stop growing”.

4Geeks Academy scholarships fall under the programs Full Stack Developer which teaches the most in-demand skills as part of a hands-on curriculum to find a job as a Jr. developer. This plan can be developed on a part-time or full-time basis at a cost of €5,500 or €6,000 without a grant. There is also the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. Scholarships can be applied for via this link.

The scholarships awarded are at least 30% covered, however, the majority of scholarships awarded are 50%. In addition, 2 of them cover 100%, 3 80% of the costs and up to 5 scholarship holders 65% of the course costs.

Deep tech startups in the growth phase

GoHubGlobal Omnium’s corporate mutual fund, launches the third edition your program GoHub Accelerator for startups in the growth phase with technological solutions that enable the automation and improvement of processes, reduce costs or have a sustainable approach.

Driven by the success of the previous two calls, in which thirteen startups participated, GoHub is looking for new proposals from shop to shop (B2B) with a high technological component that promote through their software sheTrue digital transformation of industry and the water sector and the implementation of smart cities.

The program, which GoHub defines as a “boutique” due to its personalization and focus on participating startups, offers a difference in value sheTriple support for emerging companies: technological, strategic and financial. Benefits include:

-Accompaniment during six months and up to 250,000 euros investment by startup with the aim of multiplying the number of customers and the value of the product, offering a strategic and commercial vision.

education specific in team, product, business development, strategy, marketing and finance.

product implementation in Industrial Technology within the Global Omnium Open Innovation program.

Contact to more than 200 funds and investors in the GoHub ecosystem that share a common investment strategy.

-Support of professionals, experts and mentors industry specific.

Synergies with 25 other startups of the GoHub Ventures portfolio and grow together.

-Commercial reinforcement through Go to Hub Solutionsan area that unites the startup with the most important companies in the country.

GoHub is not just an investment fund of 30 million euros, but has a fundamental pillar of validation of startups through its product. For this reason, all associated companies have validated their technology with the Global Omnium group as part of the Open Innovation strategy, which ensures that they maintain technological leadership and digital transformation.

If you want to apply, you can do so this link

Disruptive Tech Entrepreneurs

open futurethe initiative of phone In order to promote entrepreneurship at a regional level as part of its Open Innovation strategy, it has opened the II Call Open Future Spain 2021, looking for the best technology-based disruptive startups to be developed across the country. The call will be open until next October 14th

This call is for young tech-savvy people with projects that will transform traditional industries through new technologies and the latest trends in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learningBig Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, computer visionbiotechnology, esports, To playagrotech, cybersecurity, e-health Y Cloudamong other things.

The selected projects will become part of the global ecosystem of Telefónica Open Future and have the opportunity to strengthen and scale them in a period of 4 to 9 months.

The selected startups will not only get greater visibility, but also the advice of a mentoring team made up of great professionals who are experts in different areas of Telefónica. The program also allows access to numerous events from Networking with other entrepreneurs, institutions and potential investors from around the world.

As part of an open innovation model, in collaboration with the public-private sector, the main objective of Open Future is the decentralization of entrepreneurship and the promotion of innovation corridors throughout the Spanish geography. In this way, it contributes to the growth of the regional economy by locally supporting technological innovation projects and the creation of digital and disruptive companies in different sectors. In the past year alone, it has supported the creation of more than 700 skilled jobs in Spain.

This second call will have 3 hubs in Talavera, Extremadura and Ceuta.

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