• Your strength?: Having a unique product.
  • Headquarters: Valencia.
  • textile sector.
  • Number of employees: 130
  • Last settlement: 25 million euros
  • Main customers: Levi’s, Polo, Gap, Zara, Lee, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger…

Enrique Silla founded the Euro Trend group in 1989 with a clear vocation to focus on new textile technologies. A few years later he founded Jeanología, a clear commitment to innovation: “The image of those old, worn-out pants that are torn is very attractive to many people. The vintage techniques used to age jeans were based on handwork: grinding or sandblasting,” says Silla. They developed an innovative technique: Take a picture of the old pair of jeans and use software to reproduce this image on the new pair of pants. It was a success. One of the first to acquire its technology was the jeans giant Levi’s, a company that opened the doors to other international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lee, Polo, Gap, Zara or Diesel. “85% of the laser machines on the market are branded Jeanology”, Silla comments proudly. Currently 6,000 million jeans are consumed, 1,000 million in the United States and 50 million in Spain. The company has a trend advisory department for jeans brands and finishes (a sort of jeans think tank). Its R&D department has a new technology that replaces the traditional stonewashing of trousers. Called the G2, it will be his next star release.

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