consulting office. Located on the second floor of a building in a central suburban area (type L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, ​​Barcelona or similar).

Locally Owned: Continent worth 80,000 euros. Content value: 30,000 euros.

Rented premises: Content value, 30,000 (computers, furniture).

Armored door and alarm system connected to the control panel.

Policy covering property damage, theft, fire, transfer to temporary premises, business assistance, cosmetic repair and CR up to €300,000: €321 (own premises) and €223 (rented). In this case, cover for lost profit and PC breakage is added. The contributions increase to €421 and €323 respectively.

Modality offices and offices. In addition to property damage, aesthetic repairs, theft and fire protection, tort and RC, there is also protection for artwork and laptops. 240 euros (own premises) and 198.75 euros (rented premises). They advise adding coverage for loss of benefits, employee injuries and transportation of funds.

The policy includes protection against fire, property damage, theft, liability up to €300,000, machine and device breakage and loss of earnings. €503.02 (own premises).

The policy includes loss of earnings protection of up to €200 per day, property damage, theft, fire, legal protection, electrical equipment damage and third-party liability up to €300,000, €433.64 (property).

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