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It’s not specialized.

This CEEI has an incubator for innovative companies (for three years); a technology park (Barcelona Nord, with a survival rate of 73%); the Xarxactiva d’empresas space (for the exchange of knowledge between entrepreneurs); a special mentoring program, another special one to seek funding for R&D; Relations with kindergartens in China, Chile, India, Argentina and the United States, and a special agreement with the European Space Agency.

Contact: Entrepreneur Line: 901 55 11 55. If you are a newly incorporated company and would like to contact the New Business Consolidation Hotline, email at Center for Entrepreneurship and Incubator of Glories Companies: 93 401 96 66. Barcelona North Technology Park: 93 291 77 77.

Barcelona Science Park
Biotechnology, biomedicine, multidisciplinary research with a high technological component.

It provides research support services and access to new markets through strategic agreements between parks. Also advice on starting new businesses, intellectual property protection and the patent system. It is very interesting because of the research support services it has: technological platforms (nine: from the Experimental Toxicology Department to the Animal Testing Service, including the Nanotechnology Platform, among others) and scientific-technical services (those of the PCB, which offer technological support in connection with laboratory rooms).

This park encourages the creation of joint research units and joint PCB company laboratories (strategic agreements that in some cases become true joint ventures).

Contact: Modular building (companies and spin-offs). On the phone 93 403 72 59 or by email

Start-ups in Catalonia have access to additional help from the Center for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM). You can check the coverage at the web address:

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