A CEO twice his age, giving away a hundred rounds of technological knowledge but fully relying on his professional experience in other areas, describes the panorama of many business teams that have emerged in startups. There are many who defend generational diversity in the workforce. one is Carlos PerezDivision manager of adeco, who recently stated: “It assumes that to the infinite individual differences that coexist in an organization are the differences of each age group. When these differences are channeled towards collaboration and respect, they will bring out the best in each other.”

Likewise Carmen CastroCoach and founding partner of the personnel consultancy Kainova, understands that the relationship between generations at work can be very positive. However, he warns of some atypical situations that can arise within these organizations. “Sometimes what happens in these multi-generational environments is that the young manager unconsciously mirrors the figure of the father, uncle or older brother in the older employees, for better or for worse. The same can happen in reverse when older people take on the role of mentors or facilitators. Everything will depend on the maturity of the people, a concept that is not always linked to age,” the coach clarifies.

Younger and also female

Maria BadiaShe is one of the entrepreneurs who finds herself in this situation. Promoter of the online platform crowdlending Grow.ly, took over as CEO at the age of 23. At the bottom of the org chart there are another 5 professionals including 2 early retirees from banking. “The part that costs me the most is managing people because I have very talented professionals who are smarter and older than me in certain areas, but it’s also good because I learn from them and they give me a lot of confidence give”, he admitted to Badía in a meeting organized by the Magazine for Entrepreneurs at the BBVA Innovation Center.

Carme Castro agrees, pointing out that human resources management is one of the areas that seems to be the most difficult for these new managers. “Leading people at any age is a complicated matter. If a hostile decision is accompanied by a lack of experience or human maturity, age logic, it is normal for conflict situations to arise,” warns the coach.

Organization chart flexibility

For his part Javier MartinCEO of Aluxion Labs, an application development company, prefers to downplay the issue. CEO since he was 20 (he is now 23) supports the democratization of new business organizations where leadership is no longer constrained and decision-making is consulted by professionals. “Startups have greatly democratized corporate organizations and made the org chart more flexible,” he says. The company employs 21 people “with profiles ranging from 24-25 years to seniors of 33-34 years. We’ve hired professionals to cover areas of knowledge that we haven’t reached and we’re happy to have them,” he says.

Also to Adrian Barriuso He must serve as CEO by the age of 22 http://waitlesscompany.com/, whose team consists not only of professionals of different nationalities, but also of very high academic rank. “There is respect and warmth in our team, we discuss everything and act with absolute transparency, but someone has to make the decisions and communicate, and that’s up to me. It’s something that doesn’t bother me because I believe that things said sensibly and politely don’t need to bother.”

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