First of all, there are many companies that do this long tail It sounds like Mandarin Chinese to them, even though they themselves have become members of this model. You have chosen a market niche, for example that of city bikes – not very successful in Spain – and thanks to the Internet it turns out that you type “city bikes” in a search engine and on the first page of results without After doing SEO, a video appears of this company. The same company then decides to sell offline and online a wide range of products for this market, but with few references, since it turns out that not all suppliers meet their quality requirements. And it turns out that in search engines you type brands and references of products in your market in English and you come across your store again. And it turns out that the business works and that they sell outside of Madrid and that they receive orders outside of Spain, and then they consider becoming an online and offline dealer of city bike parts.

Andrés Arregui, Sergio Avila Y Edward Gaskathe founders of Universal Cyclesdidn’t think of starting a business long tail… They started a bike repair shop that also sold parts and sold parts and sold parts and it became more and more well known and well known and what was a repair shop became a physical store and selling online. Why does your model work? “We work with brands that we like. Not because they are fashionable or because they leave room for manoeuvre. It seems that when someone sees the same handlebar but out of 50 brands, it draws more attention. We don’t think like that,” they reveal.

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