The history of Sergi Villaubi She has been associated with entrepreneurship since her youth. At the age of 14 he began to program websites as an autodidact. At 17 he took over responsibility for the product and online marketing department of a company in Barcelona. “I saw them there boom of web programming and business development. When I was 18 I sold some of my own projects. I quit my job and started an online marketing agency, which I stayed with for two years before I sold my shares and got into the tourist housing industry,” he recalls. In 2009 he launched the apartment reservation website Apartamentoscostabrava.net.

“I had come to an agreement with the Interhome company. They gave me the Coastal Apartments product and I devoted myself to the visiting strategy. And I’ve got another deal with Friendly Rentals to attack the European capitals plus New York product because they have more reservations year-round, as opposed to the apartments on the coast, which are more seasonal,” says Villaubí.

question of time

In 2011, at a breakfast with one of the current partners, the idea was born to develop a calculator for comparing tourist apartments, which did not exist at the time and which sooner or later had to exist, as had already happened in hotels, flights, insurance companies, etc. (Airbnb became Founded in San Francisco in 2007 and only started operations in Spain in February 2012).

“We have started technical synchronization tests with other network portals. And in early 2013 I started Apartum, a price comparison for the same tourist apartment. We made the first integrations and connections with apartment booking sites. After three months, the owner of Friendly rentals He liked the idea and decided to invest seed capital.” He got another round of €500,000, which the fund jumped into Lanta Digital Ventures (http://lantacapital.com) and another two million euros Kibo Ventures (http://kiboventures.com).

“We have homes around the world with access to more than six million. So far we have focused on southern Europe (Spain, Italy and Portugal) and with this last round of two million we want to reach France and northern Europe,” he says.