Free Online Digital Marketing Congress

It is a congress that has been organized for three years Miguel FloridaConsultant and professor for digital marketing and social media and responsible for the site Marketing and Website. The event has achieved a high level of acceptance among entrepreneurs, as evidenced by the more than 30,000 registered registrations last year and more than 2,900 people connected at the same time. The event was also trending topic in 3 countries: Spain, Colombia and Venezuela.

This year is celebrated during the days May 27th and 28th and will have the participation of 32 executives international companies in the sector where it will offer more than 16 hours of training completely free. In addition, this year the congress will have a charitable character, since what is collected from the sponsors will go entirely to the Hospital de la Fe in Valencia, where he currently resides, to supply the toilets with materials and protective equipment. However, for fans of the Congress, the event is free and, as always, will be taught in Spanish.

The event can be very useful for entrepreneurs and companies considering the leap into the already mandatory digital transformation of their project and business model. If you want Reserve your place You can do it through this shortcut

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