The changes we are experiencing, together with digitization, globalization and the complexity of the challenges, make intelligent collaboration in society, in organizations and companies more necessary than ever. But cooperation is not automatic. This conference analyzes the keys to collaborative intelligence, identifies obstacles and provides specific knowledge and methods to implement them in entrepreneurial environments.

The event will take place on October 1st at 9:15 am. in the auditorium of the foundation in Madrid. In a first conference, the ten trends of a planetary dimension are identified by Beatriz Lara Bartholomäus, physicist, expert in transformation and innovation. Subsequently, Derrick de KerckhoveA student and follower of McLuhan, will speak about big data and digital technology. Raphael Miraan expert in multinational companies and collaborative intelligence, will speak on collaborative leadership. amalio king, The director of eMOTools, an expert in collective intelligence and R&D&I marketing, will address the question of the challenges and opportunities of collective intelligence.

The meeting will also include a round table and interventions from other experts such as Enrique BaccaPsychiatrist, President of the Scientific Ethics Committee of Dontknow Corporate School, Leticia SoberonPsychologist, communication scientist, co-founder of the Collaboratorium, Joseph CabreraExpert in strategic innovation and digital technology, Javier GarillettiDirector of the Ernst & Young Foundation, expert for strategic positioning and CSR, Alberto AndreuDirector of Organization and Corporate Culture at Telefónica, John LlovetDirector of Communications, Marketing and Sustainability at Gonvarri Steel Services, goyo baker, Founder and President of the Dreamtellers Foundation and John MatthewExpert in negotiation, cooperation and leadership.

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