The aim of this event was to provide the best practices, ideas and trends of some organizations already engaged in Open Innovation and Corporate Innovation to the business leaders, those responsible for digital transformation or innovation directors, among other positions in business leadership entrepreneurship.

With intrapreneurship and open innovation, companies attract talent and new business models to their corporations. It is a way to evolve and evolve according to the demands of the market.

Within the companies there are people who are committed to the project; People who provide great added value with their knowledge, their ideas and their work. People with an entrepreneurial spirit who don’t settle down and don’t stagnate.

When companies find themselves with such a profile, they can make the decision to do what they have “always” done or take the opportunity to support and nurture these types of key employees in the company’s future.

A great way to encourage corporate entrepreneurship is to spread the word about it. It’s a concept that isn’t very widespread yet, and while large companies are already adopting it, not all companies have to be big to incorporate these models into their organizations.

Cink Emprende, as a consultant specialized in entrepreneurship who, by applying its methodology, helps in the development of intrapreneurship programs, did not want to miss this opportunity to present solutions to companies that move companies forward.

Among the speakers were Edward RomeroDirector of Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurial Fund; Javier PimentelDirector of Digital Transformation at Caser; Michelangelo VictoriaOrange innovation manager and Raul del Pozo, Managing Director of Cink Emprende. The event was moderated by Martin Garcia VaqueroHead of the Innovation Forum.

Rosario Rey, Director General of Economic and Financial Policies of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, was also present at the conference and stressed the need to create “an effective, structured, stable and connected innovation ecosystem”. Rey assures that in Madrid there are all the necessary agents to be able to implement Open Innovation.

The reflections and conclusions of the breakfast included the need to motivate employees within companies and to attract external talent through entrepreneurship programs. The concept of open innovation is understood as a lever of change that leads to the success and growth of companies.

As Raúl del Pozo, CEO of Cink Emprende, noted, “The culture of intrapreneurship in large companies is still very young. It takes a lot of work to create motivating success stories.”

It is important to work on public-private collaboration. If there are no coherent institutions, the spark of innovation will not fly. It is necessary to professionalize open innovation and to go one step further in education from the grassroots, so that what is being discussed today about whether it should be used or not is accepted in such a way that the question is not even formulated and part of the company is culture.