The Good Run cosette, which exploits the concept of Cheap&Chic, shows that good, pretty and cheap works in every market we move into. This is even more true if you are in a neighborhood (e.g. Salamanca in Madrid) where most of the offering comes from a high-priced brand. Its owners have it very clearly. “The secret is a good price, always affordable, with a careful concept, vintage decoration. There was nothing comparable in this area. And people here also pay attention to the price. i think more In fact, low cost is becoming fashionable and things like that are opening up. We opened the first store two years ago and just opened the second,” says Belén García, one of the founders of this brand inspired by the character of Les Miserables. Cosette’s is an example of two stores in the same neighborhood, quite close to each other, with the same concept but aimed at different age groups: one has a more youthful approach and a lower price: from 20 to 50 euros average we have on all products. Dresses, trousers… All at this price. And in the second store, aimed at an older age segment, it is a more mature and elegant concept with prices between 40 and 80 euros. Some accessories and leather shoes cost more, but the clothing thickness is in that range.”

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How do we make a margin with two premises in some of the most expensive streets in Madrid? First, the stores are very small (30 square meters, including the warehouse). But we are very well located and make optimal use of the space. We don’t have a window, the entrance to the shop consists of two glass doors that are always open and invite you to enter. And then enrich your product with the environment, the decoration.”

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