This family business (Grupo Indalo) wanted to start a new project and decided to produce craft beer.

From Almeria
Cervezas Origen was born around the Martínez Fernández family. “We are four brothers, Carlos Javier, José Manuel, María del Mar and I, Daniel, and we have the support and great help of our parents and our aunt who immersed us in the distribution channel.”

They produce, process and distribute their own craft beer on-site at one of their catering operations attached to their factory. “Customers can observe closely how we brew our beer, as well as our facilities, where we also teach craft beer brewing and manufacturing classes, as well as brewing and selling the necessary machinery with the help of our own engineers,” explains Daniel, and stresses that they also produce beer for other brands and that they do not have the machines, products and knowledge for their project. “We produce and package your product and advise you from image to quality. We also offer them implantation, installation of the “turnkey” project and development”.

The goal of the company, which has invested around 90,000 euros of its own funds, is not the mass market, but “we are constantly checking what we can produce in order to satisfy our customers”.


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