Decide based on everyone’s opinions. Reach out to all your employees, consider all ideas, don’t set criteria. Remember, corporate reality is much more than one person’s biased interpretation.

Rate, give feedback and praise. Innovation management is not a superstructure that is added to the normal operation of the company, but a parallel and complementary system that can bring about profound changes. Evaluate the teams’ results, but be proactive: even if they’re bad, keep cheering the teams on.

Create a decision-making body with highly motivated people. Create an interdisciplinary and inter-hierarchical work team of people who are enthusiastic about the topic. Your ultimate goal is to design and run a creativity/innovation management system.

Turn your steering committee into a powerful creative team. If the governing bodies are not involved, not passionate, and not paying close attention to the development of the new innovation structure, all efforts are likely to be in vain.

Build a team of creative thinking experts who can train anyone. Your business needs a group of experts in creative techniques that enable individuals and groups to possess the necessary skills to innovate more easily.

Try to let creativity arise from people’s motivation. It’s not about encouragement, it’s about motivation. It is important that people feel internally motivated to be creative.

Organize creative teams that perform key functions. In every company there should be five or six creative teams for: new product development, technological innovation, human resource management, financial management, corporate policy. It is advisable to strive for maximum interdisciplinarity in these teams.

Ask each team for specific findings on innovations in areas of interest to the company. Define 5 or 6 needs and ask your teams to work on each for 3 months. At the end, ask for specific suggestions.

Give teams total freedom in terms of methods and workflows. Let people be very creative and choose the best paths to the best ideas.

If you think something could work, fund it. Groups only learn from mistakes. Take the risk, promote and finance the interesting ideas.

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