Cristiano Ronaldo returns to invest in Spain with millionaire deal

Cristiano Ronaldo ends up back in Spain… As an entrepreneur. The Portuguese football star invests again in the country and opens his second hair transplant clinic. Insparya. This is the tenth clinic the Juventus striker has opened globally and is in line with the strategy of growing organically in a business with a large market.

In particular, the opening of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new hair transplant clinic in Spain will take place in Marbella, within the urbanization Green River Hills. The company will be located on an area of ​​4,000 square meters with 15 operating rooms – in addition to treatment rooms, consultation hours and offices – and will employ 100 people.

With this opening, Cristiano Ronaldo once again proves his good business sense. According to Forbes datasoccer player generates around 100 million euros per year with its nine hair transplant clinicstwo of which are in Spain and the rest in Portugal.

Furthermore, the opening of the new Insparya Clinic responds to a significant increase in demand for these services in Spain in recent months, displacing Turkey as the preferred destination for men to undergo this type of surgery. The pandemic and associated travel restrictions have done much to help, although the trend is likely to solidify in the coming years.

The rest of Cristiano Ronaldo’s millionaire deals

Besides hair transplant clinics, Cristiano Ronaldo is the owner of other millionaire companies that show the footballer’s business talent. The first of these is fashion, a sector of great interest to athletes and in which they participate with several brands: CR7 underwear, denim Y Cover. Overall, estimates put Cristiano making 102 million a year in this deal.

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo also owns several hotels around the world, most notably the Pestana on Gran Vía in Madrid. It also has several investments of this type in Portugal and is preparing its landings in other countries.

In addition, the footballer invests in shares of large companies in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as Apple or Volkswagen, and maintains a variable capital company (SICAV) from which he directs his investments.

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