Crypto games: a new business for gamers

The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent months is a phenomenon that few ears escape. In this context, industries with a large technological component such as video games have taken a step and present several crypto games, titles that allow users to earn real money on their platforms.

These crypto games have created a new digital ecosystem that allows users to “convert entertainment into money”, as explained a recent article in El País. In them the technique Blockchain has made it possible to convert in-game currencies or credits into your own cryptocurrencies with a real monetary value, which can turn the best players into real millionaires.

An example of this is Axe Infinity, one of the most famous crypto games of the last few months. It’s a similar title to the mythical Pokemon, where the virtual creatures are called Axies. Of course, to get one of these it is necessary to buy them from another player, which would have to be paid with the second most important cryptocurrency on the market, ether.

The cheapest ax costs 0.1 Ethereum – around 270 euros at current exchange rates – and the most expensive has sold for the equivalent of half a million dollars. These staggering numbers aren’t a brake on the gaming community, which is adding up 350,000 daily active users around the world.

Given the magnitude of these numbers, crypto gaming has become a business alternative for people all over the world, especially in the countries hardest hit by the crisis resulting from the pandemic, such as the United States, Venezuela or the Philippines. In this regard, the creation of cryptocurrency wallets in these countries has seen particularly strong growth. “With little effort, you can take home about 500 euros,” explains an expert in El País.

Cryptogames, the prelude to the Metaverse, prepared by the big names in the industry

The emergence of crypto games like Axe Infinitywho base their success on technology Blockchain of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, could be the prelude to a much larger phenomenon that will take its first steps in the years to come.

It’s a metaverse where industry giants like each other Sony either Epic Games You’ve already invested $1,000 millionand that aims to completely change the sector and give a new impetus to the concept of crypto games.

In this parallel world, users can work for others, start their own business or interact with people from all over the world. The success of crypto games may hint at the most predictable way of doing business in this virtual universe: by creating your own cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for actual money to start playing.

In addition, the economic activity of the crypto games of the future would not be reduced to the parallel universe itself. The big brands of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem could also participate and sell replicas of their real-world products for the video game, such as: B. a car or a technological product.

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