«We had doubts about going for such a high level of quality, but in the end the investment paid off. At the billing level, we have grown by 200% and continue our very positive upward trend,” he explains. Juan Hontanillaled by Develapps, a young but experienced team of developers and technology engineers.

Hontanilla sees himself as a born observer of the market. In 2008 he founded the company Mensamatic, which focused on sending bulk messages, SMS and appointment reminders. “I have made several trips outside of Spain and witnessed the technological evolution towards smartphones. Then we decided to take a radical turn and started developing for mobile devices, first for iPhone and then for Android.”

Innovate or die

Hontanilla was aware of what was happening in web development: “If you’re not the best, you end up at a very mediocre level, and we thought that although there were few people developing for mobile at the time, the same would happen to them happen web development. Either we excelled at something, or we would end up in fierce competition, with low prices and difficulties in maintaining structure. Because of this, the best way to differentiate ourselves was to make a good product and work on quality and development times.”

Among the medium-term goals, Hontanilla is working on strengthening its production office in Valencia and opening another commercial office in London. “We’ve been visiting other markets for a while to see how they’re moving. I have traveled through San Francisco (USA) and Sydney (Australia); things are different there. In Europe, London is the hottest place for mobile development. We attended events and made contacts. They liked our developments and we made several agreements. One, for example, with the company Locassa, which is dedicated to the development of newspapers The times Y Sun for iPad”.

They have created apps from catalogs about medicine, sports, convention management, music festivals, social networks, etc. I agree, App Award In 2012, the GOW Trainer they developed became the best app made in Spain.


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