San Sebastián is a city characterized by the development of science and knowledge. It has a population of 188,100 inhabitants, of which 5,336 work in R&D+I. Likewise, 8,232 of the 18,500 companies develop knowledge-based services. It has a technology park, a network of 34 research centers, four universities and 17 vocational training centers. These are some of the characteristics that help position San Sebastián as a city of science and innovation, and therefore a city of talent.

HSS programs

FSS is boxed in this context. One of the cornerstones of the innovation strategy is to support new entrepreneurial initiatives and thereby foster an innovative and entrepreneurial culture in the city. It has a whole range of tools and programs for this.

On the one hand, FSS supports grassroots entrepreneurship through its general business incubation service. On the other hand, it supports new business initiatives of an innovative nature with growth potential through its various consulting, training and acceleration programs, among which the following stand out:

  • Ekin+ program: 10-month accelerator program to promote technology-based and innovative entrepreneurial initiatives (startups) with: consulting, training, coworking space, financing and validation of the idea as an innovative project.
  • Connecting Talent Residency Program: allows professionals from outside the Basque Country to stay in San Sebastian to seek entrepreneurial opportunities through projects based on knowledge and innovation, offering them help with transfers, housing and financial contributions.
  • Tech Bonuses: Help for prototyping products through technological development in collaboration with the 7 technology centers of the city (IIS Biodonostia, CIC NanoGune, CIC Biomagune, Tecnalia, Ceit, Tecnun, Vicomtech).

In addition, FSS has a dedicated line of support for research entrepreneurship (called Outlab), which bases its initiative on raising awareness and training of the scientific community in the field of entrepreneurship. There is an intensive one-day workshop followed by a 10-week program that aims to transform a potential research project into a viable business project. The participants enter the program with an idea and end it with a business plan.

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