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Chosen by Eisenhack Here is a glossary of 17 meanings we should familiarize ourselves with, whether or not we navigate technological environments as digitization progresses. They are the following:

sniff. English term for sniffing. It is a program that monitors information and is usually used for analyzing network logs. But if it gets into the hands of hackers, it can be used to intercept network packets that aren’t properly encrypted.

honey pot. This is a trap to lure hackers. This strategy is designed in a very attractive way, delivers false data and in key places that can be of great interest to attackers.

Two. Abbreviation for Denial of Service, which means denial of service consists of an attack that blocks access to a network or computer so that the user cannot access it. The attack does not involve a large loss of data, but it does overload servers and network devices.

Drive-by download. Drive-by downloads are attacks that exploit a web browser’s default setting and are installed and run without the victim’s consent, by pretending to be a different download than they really are or through the presence of add-ons or plug-ins.

keyloggers. Collection of information about the keystrokes made by the user. Most keyloggers are software-based applications accidentally downloaded by the victim (malware) that collect and store their data for use.

anchor text. This concept is of great importance within link building and SEO strategy. The anchor text or anchor text is the one that allows us to link to other pages, showing the user a brief description of the linked content in order to find more detailed information on the topic that he is consulting.

breadcrumbs. Literally “trail of the breadcrumbs”. It is a secondary navigation that allows web users to return to the main page or to other levels of the web via links. These links also serve to define the architecture of a website for crawlers.

insect. First used in 1945 by one of the great pioneers of so-called modern programming, Grace Murray Hooper, this term refers to errors discovered during the execution of any computer program.

encoding. Also known as character encoding, it is a method that makes it possible to convert natural language (that used in normal life and that responds to the alphabet) into symbols of other representation systems, such as numbers or sequences.

Hi. Also known as the Python library, this interface allows you to query data from different storage systems. This programming language allows storing, writing, processing and querying data from a variety of sources and is very important for programming.

C++. This language, which was developed in the late 1970s, enables the extension of the C programming language to include mechanisms for manipulating objects.

NoSQL. It’s like a life saver. Technology can sometimes fail, which is why these data and structure management systems allow information to be stored when relational databases have a problem.

Weka. The collection or set of algorithms machine learning o Machine learning for data mining. This software platform has a set of tools that allow you to prepare the data, classify, group, go back, extract attribution and visualization rules.

Berry picking. It is a model proposed by Marcia Bates in 1989 that explains what happens when the user tries to satisfy their information needs on the Internet. This process is repeated continuously until the user has met their search goals.

eye tracking. In Spanish it more or less means “gaze tracking”. The purpose of this technique is to determine where the user’s attention is focused when on the web, in order to improve the system’s usability and user experience, and to help companies place their ads.

How can we …? You can also see it by its initials Hm. It is a technique whose goal is innovation. The premise is that there is always a possible solution to a problem and there are different approaches to solving a new business challenge.

Kick off meeting. If that phrase pops up anywhere, it’s time to get to work. It’s very likely that it will go close to that checklist and it is the meeting that is held with all stakeholders involved to start the project.

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“It is a mistake to talk about digitization in the long term. Whether on the job market or looking for a job, digital skills are no longer an option, but a requirement,” he says. Thiago Santos, responsible for the Ironhack campuses in Madrid and Barcelona. “It’s time to get to work, improve our digital skills and abilities and adapt to new market demands.”

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