Digitize your business for free

The crisis has made it clear that digital transformation cannot be postponed. And at the same time, it has opened up a range of opportunities for SMEs with little resources due to the explosion of solidarity it has generated in companies of all sectors and sizes. Here we offer you a list of companies that will help you digitize a large part of your business for free or with discounts. Most are for a specific period of time. Take advantage of this and digitize your company now:

Platforms for online sales

ePageshelps companies that had to close due to the crisis free online stores, so they can continue to sell. Through the initiativestay open«, closed companies have the opportunity to create their own virtual shop with all functionalities free of charge, so that their customers can continue shopping safely from home. The service remains free of charge till the end of Juneor longer if store opening restrictions remain in place.

With the help of ECOMM360 and AlabazWeb You can create Online shops in the 24th if you have a company that has not yet made the digital leap.

Way2 Ecommerce He started #we will come out of it stronger, a non-profit project consisting of creating and hosting a portal totally free e-commerce for a year for those SMEs Punishment from the coronavirus who have been affected enough to have to conduct one HARVEST.

New business areas in beauty, health and wellness centers

wecare.bewe.io help to Beauty, health and wellness centers develop somehow free new lines of business how Online courses and workshopsConsulting and business development and selling products so they can keep billing during periods when they can’t be active.

Digitize pharmacies

top doctorsan expert company in technological services such as teleconsultation for the private medical sector, makes pharmacists available for the duration of the curfew Free websites with online store through your company top pharma.

management of law firms

NEFELEX is offering three free months to make managing law firms in the cloud easier.

Unify your communication channels with your customers

MessageBird, a Dutch cloud communication company, offers a new tool for free to facilitate communication between companies and customers via mobile phones. Unify all channels.

Remote technical support

Aerin systems offers advice and tools to improve collaboration, security and communication for SMEs who want it, as long as the detention lasts. This support will include basic primary technical support and advice on free or low-cost solutions to enable SMEs to remotely optimize their way of working.

Build your website for free with a luxurious theme

My website now, free offers templates created by professional designers, with intuitive usability and intelligent categories, domain, SSL and e-mail.

Signature and electronic invoicing

documenta start-up of Galician origin, already international, specializing in digital signatures and e-invoicing, offers its tools free of charge to companies in the field of elderly care, hospitals and companies dealing with the treatment of the coronavirus , such as hospital caterers, facilitiesas well as those involved in the construction of field hospitals in Spain.

in the same line, signature, a company specializing in electronic signatures and certified emails for digital contract management, offers its service free of charge. In this case to companies from all sectors and for a period of one month.

Free technical advice

Seidora multinational consulting firm specializing in technological services and solutions has a direct inquiry line with specialists from different technological areas of the company. In this way, all companies that have doubts and want to technologically dimension business projects in the current situation can speak directly to the heads of the relevant sectors, who will advise and answer their concerns.

Sick leave management

Wolters Kluwerspecialized in the development of software solutions, information and services for professional offices and companies, a free tool so that SMEs and professional companies can do this manage sick leave in a very agile way.

Marketing Audits

ESI solutions offers free marketing audits to empower businesses faltered by the crisis.

digitize your company