Before starting the business, we did a competition study, market sizing and an international benchmark to find out: is there anyone doing this in Spain, are there success stories of this business model in other markets? the domestic market that we want to address sufficient to sustain the company’s growth in the early years and to lay the foundations for an international expansion?Are there other foreign players that could enter the Spanish market? The reactions were satisfactory,” remembers Emilio Capela, who founded Lord Wilmore with his girlfriend Pilar de Arriba.

One of their big challenges was finding a lens supplier and another frame supplier who would supply them with small quantities of models. After many visits, they finalized the cooperation agreements.

try and buy
A major downside would be how future customers try on the glasses? “That’s why we decided to develop the shopping experience that we would have wanted 10 years ago. With the free try-at-home service, we send three frames where the customer tells us to try them on for three days, asks friends and family for their opinion, and decides if they’ve found the glasses they’re looking for. Our shipping service will contact the customer within three days to arrange a time and place to collect the test frames. If the customer decides to make a purchase, he only has to fill out the attached form in the test order or go to our website and place the order,” explains the entrepreneur.

The investment is 40,000 euros


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