Don't be outdated!  10 simple ideas to modernize your business

Facelift your products

You don’t have to replace a product with a new one to stimulate the offer. Bet on changing the aging reference, either in format or packaging. It will be cheaper and just as effective.

Another option is to encourage more consumption or to create new uses for the product you are selling..

Win customers… including those of the competition

Maybe it’s time for the audience to go to the competition. Now it’s just a click away. Track the online reputation of your competitors and pay special attention to what is being said about them in environments like Facebook or Twitter.

Process information with your eyes Recognize the problems users have with these companies… and offer them solutions. But don’t neglect your customers. Reactivate the relationship with them, measure their pulse through surveys and spoil your most loyal users with gifts or promotions.

Customer service via social networks

Have you ever thought about using Twitter as a business support center? To do this, open a specific account. The 140 characters allowed by this tool imply that both the customer and the company need to be specific when presenting problems and solutions, leading to greater efficiency and agility.

And why not on Facebook too? Here you can use paid applications, such as Get satisfactionCompany that designs spaces that the public can ask.

Update your prices

At least once a year (preferably at the beginning) It is advisable to update the price and discount policy. However, It may happen that you unexpectedly get caught up in a price war, where a competitor attacks with aggressive sales and promotions. Should you adapt your strategy to this scenario? think wisely You can choose to fight back in a different area of ​​the competitor’s business, either regionally or in a different industry.

Another way out is to create an inexpensive line as a barrierto defend the positioning and price of the star product they attack.

Rejuvenate the squad

The workers are the most important asset to revitalize this area. One idea is to design an area on the intranet in which employees vote for their colleagues based on values ​​such as leadership ability or motivation.

With this data you can identify the talents or the true leaders in the teams. Rotation is another dynamic formula. It would be about giving more responsibility to the worker or strengthening the relationship with other parts of the organization.

Improve staff training

Before hiring or rejuvenating workers, many companies train their teams, so that they can acquire the new skills required for the company. At this point, many alternatives open up. One is called mirror technology, in which the daily activity of the employees is used. This is how you match a young person to another veteran so that they work together and the exchange of ideas and experiences enriches them.

This initiative would cost zero euros. As the development of an internal wiki through which employees share their knowledge and experiencesInformation that everyone has access to and that everyone will use according to their needs.

Look for new sales channels

It’s time to break new ground. Why not sell on Facebook, where almost 1.5 billion people are waiting for you? This is a trend that is beginning to emerge. In fact, both Facebook and Twitter add buttons to make purchases directly without leaving the social network. Another option is to jump on the mobile bandwagon. Adapt your commercial offer – and your website – to sell on mobile devices.

Redecorate your place

If you propose a possible reform, do not hesitate to ask users about the decoration, the scent of the premises and the musical thread that they think is most appropriate… By collecting these impressions – and applying some of them – They give the business its own personality. And do not forget that this information is of great value, since the customer is usually more critical and clear when talking about the material and more visible aspects.

A clue to follow the right direction: trends are very changeable, but in any case they usually relate to clothing and home fashion. And another condition factor has to do with the industry in which we operate. In a fashion store, for example, the counter and fitting rooms are of crucial importance. Add a little design to these elements.

Check your business plan

You can ask people close to your company for help.Invite external actors, a key customer, a supplier… people who will give you a different view of the activity from the outside. That’s what experts say The time for verification depends on the activity.

But you can’t leave it in a drawer for long on the Internet Maybe you should analyze it after six months or a year. Once or twice per exercise we should think about the direction we are going.

Renew your logo

Every five years it is important that you reconsider your corporate image and from there see what elements need to be changed. Referring to the logo, No drastic changes required, Simplicity must prevail in the image, because the simple is better assimilated. Don’t complicate yourself. Make slight changes in the logo, with a shading, a slightly different tonality, a color cast, …