You can already put a price on the ego. Well, if you don’t want to put it on, we put it on: 850 euros, euros up, euros down. That’s the presumed price for one of the new gadgets being promoted on Kickstarter to hunt and trap non-professional retail investors with bags that aren’t particularly buoyant. Is about Hex+, a drone with a camera that follows you down the street, recording you and documenting your debauched life. The cameras in the helmet or on the handlebars of bicycles or motorcycles are showing their age. Designed for extreme sports, this company wants to go a step further than the GoPro success story: there was a camera attached to a drone, there was a superlative camera and drone, there was a semi-living stillness… Well, you get the point idea, right?

And now put a stick

If only one company had the idea… Now think of the same concept, except now the camera isn’t attached to a drone but to a tripod with motion sensors.

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