Snapchat enters e-commerce and makes sense globally

The social media company is now experimenting with in-app purchases. The first partner was Nike during the NBA All Star. For a limited time, the Air Jordan III Tinker could be purchased in-app.

Snapchat entra en el comercio electrónico y tiene todo el sentido del mundo

Pepsi is now redesigning the water bottle… How do you turn a product around when it’s obsolete?

Pepsi is launching a new reusable bottle with capsules to make the leap from the bottled water market to the soft drink market. He would like to modernize an aging product and thus expand the market. It’s not just a new bottle, it’s a new product concept that brings together several outdated products in a single proposal: drinkfinity.

Airbnb launches Plus, its first premium line… how to seduce more demanding customers?

Airbnb has introduced a new category of accommodations that have been personally inspected for quality and comfort. This service starts with 2,000 homes in 13 cities. What if you also want to introduce a premium line in your company? How do you go about it? This is how products and services become the black legs of your category. It is also preparing Airbnb Beyond, a category that aims to enter the luxury market directly.

Airbnb lanza Plus, su primera línea Premium… ¿cómo se seduce a clientes más exigentes?

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