The project came about as theoretical idea in a master’s degree from the Alicante Business School Fundesem. After completing the master’s degree and with the finished business plan, when the partners decided to get down to work with the Xkuty One prototype, which was designed for use in the city. “We have chosen to keep only the good things about bikes, such as freedom of movement, respect for the environment or being most connected to the environment, and we have forgotten sweat, fat, pedals or chains,” explains EMC Carlos General Manager Philip.

Basically, Xkuty One’s business will be mainly based on the Internet and a few selected distribution points for it positioning. They are scheduled to go on sale in Spring 2013 and have already placed several orders through their website. “Require mass sales and mass production additional resources. However, a sizeable waiting list, a simple business model and a high volume of distribution requests will facilitate access for both professional investors and access to third-party financing.

This vehicle takes 2 hours to charge its battery and every socket works, it has a range of 50 kilometers and the noise of its engine is around 30 decibels. If you’re wondering how much 30 decibels is, “it’s below the average noise level you’ll find in a library or even out in the field,” they explain.

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