The thirteenth edition of the Entrepreneur Award coincides with a date that is relevant to us, the twentieth anniversary of the Entrepreneur Magazine. Therefore, the person who has always been responsible for the publication wanted to seize the moment Alexander Vesgato thank the support of everyone who has made his long career possible, from readers to advertisers to the editorial team. They all enable the magazine’s half a million readers and a large number of followers in Latin America through its website with 1.5 million unique users.

They took part in the celebration of the XIII. Entrepreneur Awards Vodafone Y SEATas main sponsors, with the participation of cajamar, ONCE Foundation inserts associated with the European Social Fund, i educateand info jobs.

The act was performed by the humorist for another year magician more, expert in strategic innovation, motivation and creativity in business, before a large number of executives and representatives of the business world and the institutional world linked to the creation of new companies. They all met at the Hotel Palace in Madrid, where the Entrepreneurs Awards ceremony took place in the following order:


The award for Best Business Idea he got it MEET SCIENCE from the hand of his patron, Edward goes. The delivery took place Maria BabeSales manager for freelancers and freelancers Vodafone referring to the company’s Vodafone Observatory. The winning company is a project that tries to promote biotechnology in Spain through an online platform that puts researchers and research centers in contact with companies for the development of all kinds of projects. “I’m super happy and I trust that with this and the following awards we can take the startup to the next level,” were Camina’s short words of thanks.

The award for SMEs with Corporate Social Responsibility he got it aura from the hands of Marife Escobar, Head of Corporate Relations Educo Foundation, non-governmental organization for development cooperation. He picked it up Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, Founder and CEO of this company that has created a mineral water brand with values. “We sell water so those who don’t have it can drink clean water,” they say.

“We are here because we have recognized that water is practically the most important thing and that there are 700 million people in the world who do not have access to drinking water”, defined the mission of Auara, its CEO, and took the opportunity to change encouraging the others of the winning company to consume their product.

The award for Best Entrepreneur was assigned Alejandro Fernández-LuengoCo-founder and President of Alma Corporation and was delivered by Ricardo Garcia Lorenzo Director of Business Banking at Cajamar. The award recognizes the merits of a group that has been in full expansion since 2013. Starting from the network of hairdressers from Marco Aldany As seeds, the Marcos brothers Alejandro and Daniel Fernández-Luengo are currently behind other well-known brands such as Rizos or Mister A and Barbería Compadre in the barber industry. They also have a number of gyms and yoga centers within the sector health or the direct distribution of hairdressing and beauty products through Superpelu, even the launch of an app for beauty services at home. Among other things, they have also ventured into the world of education with 32 schools.

“It makes me proud to receive this award because I’ve followed it for years and I’ve seen a lot of people I admire come here. On my behalf and on behalf of the nearly 5,000 people who work with us, we appreciate this recognition, which empowers and encourages us to grow and continue trying to make history in our industry,” said Fernández-Luengo, who received the award wanted to present to his mother as the true inspirer of the company.

The award SME of the year Startups got it Spotahome. He picked it up Alejandro Artacho, Co-founder, hand in hand with Dominic Cerrie, Managing Director of Infojobs. The online rental SME for long and medium-term non-holiday accommodation was founded in March 2014 and today operates in 18 cities, offers more than 40,000 properties and has a team of almost 200 employees.

“It is an honor to receive this award. It must be dedicated to the whole team that trusted our vision. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of the idea that the world would be smaller, without so many barriers, like astronauts are said to see the earth from the moon. That’s how we see it and like a big house that fits everyone, we want others to see it too,” said Alejandro Artacho.

The award for Entrepreneurial talent with a disability he got it Manuel Antonio Fernandezfor his entrepreneurial initiative The Neuropediatrician. handed it over Virginia Cartedo, Executive Director of Inserta Empleo Fundación ONCE. The qualified doctor and specialist in pediatrics Manuel Fernández has developed a solution with which he can help both children with neurological problems, behavioral and learning disorders and their families.

Fernández expressed his appreciation for an award he said he never thought he could win and reiterated his confidence in a “project that seeks to advance the education, dissemination and healthcare of children with neurological problems and their families.” .

The award Executive of the Year went to Veronica FisasCEO of Natural bites. handed it over Gabriel PalmaMarketing director for SEAT Spain. After a decade at the helm of the organization, Verónica Fisas has been able to successfully and decisively lead the international expansion of the company founded by her father, multiplying innovation and the creation of new concepts in the world of cosmetics. “I am very happy about this award. The truth is that it motivates them to give you a personal award that I’m particularly proud of because after reviewing it, I found that out of 13 editions, this award was won by 8 women,” she explained.

With the award for Spanish multinational corporation the fashion industry was awarded with mango. Collected by its Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, Wilhelm Corominasmade the delivery pink tous, Corporate Vice President of All. The multinational of the year was chosen by the magazine’s readers. “Mango is a very big company, in spirit and in people, that hasn’t lost its entrepreneurial drive,” Corominas said.

The award for company history he got it Antonio Catalan DiazPresident of AC Hotels by Marriott from the hands of Alejandro Vesga, Director of Entrepreneurs Magazine. “I thank the jury and congratulate everyone who participated in these awards,” said Catalán Díaz. Regarding the Auara project, he expressed his confidence that it would bear fruit. “I hope you find more customers because from now on your brand of water will also be served in AC hotels,” he announced.

How we’ve changed

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Emprendedores Magazine, the event ended with a brief overview of the evolution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through some of the magazine’s covers. From the first that appeared in October 1997 and reported that it was a good time to invest in the real estate sector, by the internet boom, dot-coms or the advent of social networks that were carried over to the company, until July 2017 when the successful Changes in design and format of the publication have been made to reflect the changing times.

The clasp was set by the magician Georg Blas, one of the protagonists of the next issue of the magazine, with a “trick” with which he turned a 5 euro note into another 500 euros. What the illusion does.