But Badosa was not the only speaker at the third edition of Barcelona StartupWeek, the event that takes place in the emblematic Media-TIC building in Barcelona and that aims to be a tool for a week to help all those who start a business and they need to know first hand the work experience of many already established entrepreneurs. Also present at the round table entitled “Myths about entrepreneurs and investors: how and when to look for investments” were Vicente Arias, CEO of Coverfy, the first insurance application in Spain; Jesús Monleón, co-founder of numerous companies such as eMagister.com; Charles Elias, co-founder of Offerum, and Pablo Szefner, CEO of JustFab for Southern Europe. The event, moderated by Kasia Adamowicz, co-founder of Glamourum (Birchbox) and manager of Seedrocket, had a remarkable attendance of participants, all participatory entrepreneurs, who listened and voiced their doubts, especially in relation to the creation of difference values ​​and the Differences that exist in the entrepreneurial and investor ecosystem between the European and North American markets.

Each of the speakers gave insights into their experiences in the development of startups and the magazine Emprendedores was there as the official medium to report on it. At the beginning of his speech, Pablo Szefner explained to the public that “he raised money in two business projects. In the first case it was difficult, but in the second start-up it was easier. It’s very important to know when to seek finance and who you’re asking for, because once a third party invades your business, there are decisions that you lose control of.” Another Aspect that has been much discussed referred to the pattern investors use to spot those startups that deserve a cash injection to develop and gain competitive strength in the market. The key concept is “having good metrics”. A project not only needs good references, “good key figures are an indisputable fact. And for a good reason. Above all, the investor wants to eliminate risks and usually looks in other markets to see whether this type of entrepreneurial activity is already bearing fruit. You need references you can trust,” said Jesús Monleón.

For his part, Vicente Arias influenced the emotional part. In his view, the harmony between the corporate vision and the discourse applied to it between the entrepreneur and the investor must be perfect. “Metrics are important and finding a good travel companion is also important. Every investor is different. The moderator also took the opportunity to present her experiences. “When we started Glamourum we thought it could work and within the first few months of life we ​​managed to exceed all our expectations. We don’t seek outside funding, we reinvest what we’ve earned.” This path allowed Glamourum to continue growing independently of anyone. Some time later, the startup merged with JolieBox and was later acquired by Birchbox, a startup dedicated to the distribution and sale of online subscription cosmetic boxes.

“If there is one feature that distinguishes Barcelona StartupWeek, it is the free nature of all sessions and networking activities,” emphasized its director Jordi Boza. And therein lies the key to its acceptance and growth, because after three years more than 3,300 entrepreneurs have registered. This year, more than 65 events are planned throughout the week, which will be attended by more than 100 renowned speakers, including José María Fuster van Bendegem, former President of Openbank and former Director General for Innovation at Banco Group Santander, or Eduardo García Moreno, Director of the Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurial Fund.

Notable events also take place during the week, such as the award ceremony for the new Imagine Silicon Valley competition or the You are an Impulse Woman award ceremony, a competition for women entrepreneurs in Font Vella. Because women have visible leadership with a special program dedicated to them, with sessions like that of Gemma Cernuda (How to connect with 80% of the market?) or the round table dedicated to entrepreneurs or investors of the SWAN Women Angels Network is .

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