Explain what they do Club Mostylion It’s not easy given the branches sprouting from the original idea. It all starts in a semi-professional football team in a town in Iceland where Juan Carlos Mostajo, Javier Lain and Alvaro Valencia cement a friendship that already came from Madrid. From this period they retain the custom of calling each other by their surnames.

left behind Elizabeth Catalan, Mostajo’s girlfriend for 13 years. Specialist in online marketing and social media manager, he decided to continue his job where he took over the e-commerce development part of large clients including the Cortefiel Group.

The first dream was to end up as a professional soccer player, while Isabel dreamed of starting her own fashion brand. She is therefore the main architect of the idea of ​​today’s Mostylion Club. Seeing that the passage of the years was beginning to cloud their vision in the field of professional play, the friends decided to return to Madrid with the firm intention of maintaining their friendship and building something together. It didn’t matter what it was.

Isabel Catalán made it easy for him. He integrated everyone into his project after mentoring them and passing on the knowledge acquired throughout his professional career. He was born like this five years ago Mostylioninitially as a fashion brand fitness to sell through your own e-commerce.

The brand of digital entrepreneurs

Aside from the originality of its sweatshirts, t-shirts, and socks, Mostylion wanted to differentiate itself from other e-commerce companies by focusing on digital entrepreneurs. They wanted their lion head logo T-shirts to be the “badge” or trademark of other business promoters who, like them, were struggling to launch an e-commerce venture. This is how the idea came about to create a community around the brand.

The good harmony of the group and the strong personal brand of Juan Carlos Mostajo working in the networks – 118,000 followers on Instagram – who talked about entrepreneurship helped them gain visibility. The success meant that more and more entrepreneurs were interested in learning more about their strategies and joining the group that approached them. This prompted her to take the next step: founding the Mostylion Club.

The club

“We used the months of confinement to outline the creation of a training academy for other entrepreneurs who wanted to build their e-commerce and felt supported by the community,” they explain. The aim was to openly show their approach. “We started with a reason that was to connect and empower digital entrepreneurs, and now we’re teaching them how to do that,” says Mostajo.

In the academy, they guide other entrepreneurs, new or already established, to create a successful e-commerce. They do this by teaching the students one by one and accompanying them throughout the journey. But the real magic happens when it’s the students themselves, supporting one another with absolute generosity, sharing not just knowledge but understanding and empathy. Currently, the Mostylion community consists of fifty entrepreneurs aged 19 to 65.

In order to offer a comprehensive service and to satisfy all the needs of e-commerce at the different stages, the founders of Mostylion have always evolved. In parallel, they created one Marketing and communication agency and other logistics solutions that, through dark shop for storage and Packaging solve shipping problems. The aim is to close the loop and offer a 360º service to the e-commerce industry, from start from scratch to the escalation phase.

“We didn’t invent anything with an e-commerce academy. There are many of them but none like ours.- They claim- Our strength is that we are very clear who we are targeting, their needs and our business focus is the students. If he wins and grows, we win and we grow.”

collective knowledge

A team of around 20 specialists, including mentors, experts in social networks or self-employed from other disciplines. The intention is to maintain a light and flexible business structure that can be adapted to the needs of the moment.

The way to become part of the community is via the course. Depending on the needs and demands of the respective entrepreneur, the price ranges between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. However, they undertake to return the money if the student feels that their expectations have not been met, which they assure us has not happened to date.

The course lasts a whole year. Three months of personalized training and the rest in a team with the other entrepreneurs. Among all participating projects, they exceed 70 million in sales. However, the promoters are still in the 6 figures, although they are convinced that they can add another zero soon.

How do I start with friends?

After months of imprisonment, the first thing they did, when they could hit the streets, was start the company. All in equal shares, together and with their own resources. They are guided by the company’s values, which they condense into: excellence, generosity, proactivity and flexibility. They ensure that the values ​​above each of them and above the company is friendship.

Decisions are made by consensus of the four partners. They also do not find it necessary to create an affiliate contract, assign positions or define the specific duties of each member. What they have done is distribute the roles according to each person’s personal strengths: sales and leadership (Mostajo), trading and planning (Laín), business analysis and development (Valencia) and network strategy, growth and promotion (Catalan).

“We explain it this way because some insist that we put ourselves on an organizational chart. But in reality, our profiles aren’t that identifiable because we’re diverse and, being friends first of all, we shape each other. It’s less about establishing hierarchies and more about putting the same effort and enthusiasm into a joint project. If you want to understand yourself, you understand yourself. If not, it’s because there was no friendship. However, they know that a project among friends isn’t within the rules of entrepreneurship, but they are determined to break the rules.

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