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Alejandro Fernández-Luengo is co-founder and President of Alma, the largest hairdressing group in Spain and Latin America with brands such as Marco Aldany and Rizos, among others. He bravely dares to leave his comfort zone again and again. “Standing still is not an option. You have to constantly renew yourself,” he says. Values ​​that stand out when starting a business? perseverance, desire and curiosity. The rest of the keys – including “read avidly” – in this video.

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Izanami Martínez is the founder of the Ygea Wellness School. Previously she founded NonaBox and Doctor 24 and was President of the Spanish Federation of Startups. Its constant ability to renew itself is the key to success. As the mother of a boy named Bosco, she confirms that motherhood is a spur for her: “It inspired my passion and the desire to continue my research”. For her, “passion, empathy and cooperation” are the keys to entrepreneurship. The biggest barriers to overcome are the ones we impose on ourselves.