Entrepreneurship in 2021: is it about time?

The year 2020 has completely changed society, although the situation in the beginning year leaves new niches open … We have switched from working in the office to working from home, shopping (even more) via the Internet and enjoying leisure time In Another way…

New business opportunities have emerged from all the crises. For example, Bill Gates founded Microsoft during the 1973-1975 oil embargo recession; or some of the big companies in Silicon Valley, like Uber or Airbnb, emerged during the last Great Depression between 2007 and 2009. With that in mind, one wonders where the big market opportunities will be after the 180 degree turnaround in society this year.

While it’s almost impossible to predict with certainty what the next billionaire company will be, consumer trends are a good clue to keep us focused in the right direction. “If you think about how your own consumption and shopping behavior has changed in recent years, it is easier to see the trends of where we are going in consumption and business,” explains entrepreneur Kelly Wing. in a recent article.

In this way, Content consumption and e-commerce have seen more than remarkable growth in the last few months. Also the problems that the tools used can suffer. Therefore, thinking about companies that can help improve user experience is an option to consider throughout 2021.

The benefits of starting a business in 2021

In addition to the new market niches that have emerged during the pandemic following the change in the consumption model, there are other factors common to all crises that can be of great help when starting a business. The first of them is the workforce. On the subject, Wing explains that “the pandemic has forced millions of people to leave their jobs. If these people do not choose to start their own businesses, they will seek to join those who do and use their experience and knowledge where it will be most valued.”

On the other hand, the entrepreneur remembers the months of imprisonment when many people started experimenting with new hobbies such as cooking, writing or sports. In this sense, he recommends people who want to undergo “introspection”. Try to figure out if any of these hobbies could turn into a business.

In conclusion, Wing wanted to offer some advice to anyone who wants to start an entrepreneurship in 2021 but still has doubts about whether their business will succeed. “Look for reasons why it works, not why it doesn’t work, because what we focus on tends to grow more. The world of online business will be the new normal and many successful executives, companies and corporations have created their projects in times of uncertainty.

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