The afternoon was pleasant and the atmosphere relaxed. The hotel terrace gradually filled with professionals and entrepreneurs listening to a conversation between Alejandro Vesga, Director of Entrepreneurs, Alexandre Amat, General Director of Profit Editorial, and Carlos Blanco, founder of the ITnet Group.

keep an eye out for opportunities

Sharing with the public the experiences of their business projects, the two guests banished the word “crisis” with a clear and resounding message: “Opportunities arise every day, we should be vigilant. We have an annual turnover of 1.2 million. We’ve expanded our market into Latin America,” says Alexandre, while Carlos Blanco nods his head and takes the floor to explain that “he’s never made as much money as he does now. My problem has to do with the lack of talent. With the crisis, everything falters and it is the right moment for good and smart people.”

Networking is business

The topic of networking was also discussed in the lecture and met with great interest. “Because you have to make contacts. Thanks to the good reputation that you build up over time, you open many doors,” explains Alexandre. As Alejandro Vesga passed the turnoff to Carlos Blanco, one question lingered: “What are you good at? My coach helped me figure it out. Let’s imagine that social networks give you the opportunity to become an opinion leader”. Blanco later admitted meeting his current partners at events such as those hosted by Entrepreneurs and Gentleman Jack. Because the philosophy of meetings of this type allows the exchange of ideas, the sharing of doubts and experiences, and gives way to solidarity between professionals with innovative initiatives. “We reinvest part of what we earn into other digital projects.”

digital revolution

For Alexandre Amat, the turnover of the digital book in his company still does not reach 1% of the total turnover. He started distributing them a year and a half ago with a minimal investment. Today it already includes 200 titles. “Sell 150 copies of a Book That’s a lot for us, but nothing compared to the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s a support to which more and more value must be added, because technology allows it, it’s very flexible,” Alexandre explains to the audience, who listened attentively to him on the Gallery Hotel terrace.

a new marketing

The conversation between Alexandre Amat and Carlos Blanco continued to attract public interest. “In the digital world, marketing is a new and complex tool. Unfortunately, 90% of Spanish companies don’t know how to use it and again there is no specific training for it. We need to improve this aspect. Now I have no choice but to import talent,” explained Carlos Blanco, convinced of the need to “find a method that educates people to pay for the online experience”.

He then explained his strategy of “giving Internet users seven days of free fun with his games. If they want to continue having fun after the deadline, they have to pay.” Already at the end of the lecture, after numerous questions from the audience, both entrepreneurs left a touch of optimism with messages based on the importance of having good ideas to have. “Look around carefully to discover new needs. I set up a portal for video games while watching my son. Charge yourself with positive energy, you need the people you love by your side more than ever. At the moment there is more money than ideas,” said Carlos Blanco at the end of his speech. The meeting ended with a lively networking session, during which the entrepreneurs expressed their half-full optimism.