EsTech Group

EsTech is established as a platform for high-growth technology-based companies in Spain. It was created with the aim of making visible the contribution of high-growth companies (scale-ups) in Spain to the economy, the environment and the labor market, and to promote the development and leadership of a technological and digital-based production fabric that is enough 40% of our country’s GDP in 2030.

Among the 9 founding companies of EsTech are Cabify, Factorial, Filmin, Glovo, Holaluz, Jobandtalent, Neuroelectrics, RedPoints and Wallbox. And among its priorities for action through EsTech, the axes of talent acquisition and development stand out; access to finance; Diffusion and pedagogy of the new economy: and public appearances.

The contribution of between 400 and 450 scale-ups

In this sense, it should be remembered that Spanish companies with the highest growth, supported by technology and job creation (scales), continue to increase in Spain. There are currently between 400 and 450 scale-ups or growth-stage startups in Spain.

According to the report by Scale-Up Spain, this type of Spanish startup has created 324,000 jobs in 2020, with the generation of 671,500 jobs.

Additionally, Up to 9 national startups currently have the potential to reach a $1,000 million valuation and achieve “unicorn” status in the coming months (Source: Top 100 Next Unicorns report by Viva Technology and GP Bullhound) and it is estimated that there 20 Spanish scale-ups reach a value of almost 800 million euros.

Together they have contributed to it Spain has made progress in creating a technology-based business structurejob creation and high growth, to which a new phase of contribution to the country and consolidation in a very competitive global environment is proposed.

It is estimated that the ecosystem received an investment of around 4,300 million euros in 2021, representing a growth of 288% compared to the previous year.

The new companions of the Ibex35

The Spanish Association for Digital Economy (Adigital), together with Ascri and Endeavor, has accompanied the nine leading Spanish companies in the launch of Spain Tech (EsTech), the platform for high-growth technology-based companies in Spain.

Ana Maiques, President of EsTech and CEO and co-founder of Neuroelectrics stated that “we believe in it these companies will accompany the Ibex35 in terms of size and representativeness form the structure of a highly innovative large company in the coming years”.

For his part Carina Szpilka, President of Adigital, claims: “Spain can indeed be technical. Spain is already Tech. Technology and innovation make people better. We need to remove our complexes, we can do it and we do. But we have to do it together and hand in hand with the administrations. We need to attract talent and capital. And get that 1% contribution to GDP from unicorns. Let’s make Spain and technology go hand in hand.”

Antonio IglesiasCEO of Strive for Spainfirmly believes that “the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem is facing a historic opportunity that we cannot afford to miss Europe’s second fastest growing ecosystem. Our businesses are getting bigger and making big checks, so we have a large pool of “unicorns.” Beyond their valuation, these companies have a tremendous impact in creating jobs, wealth and a multiplier effect that inspires and invests in the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

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