The video game industry is booming, not only because of the revenue generated by the video game industry, but also as a cultural phenomenon. Gradually, it has professionalized and consolidated worldwide. Today, as in the case of the successful League of Legends, game users strive to become authentic player.

League of Legends is a strategy game in which two teams of five players compete to see who can destroy each other’s base first… And Juan Palomo, CEO and co-founder of Teide InTech and co-founder of Teide InTech, knows a much about this team game. eStragy, virtual gym for esports athletes. In addition to Juan, two other co-founders of the project also work side by side: Sara Llorente and Daniel Serapio.

Juan, a maths graduate with extensive experience and career in regulatory, technological and procedural issues and a passion for technology, has put all his knowledge and experience into practice in a personal project in the eSports sector. This exciting and awesome project is called eStragy and it is the first virtual gym for League of Legends. Yes, a virtual gym with personalized workouts with stats and skill tracking! You read correctly.

The project is currently among the startups lucky enough to be accelerated by Open Future, Telefónica Group’s early-stage project accelerator.

The co-founder and CEO tells us all the features of the new platform and training keys, as well as its revolutionary system eStum -based on artificial intelligence-. And he also explains why he chose Tenerife as a business destination. Although we felt it, we preferred that he told us.

effective learning

On the way to learning, what better way to do it than in good company. And in the field of video games, it shouldn’t be any less. Recently founded in Tenerife, eStragy was founded with the aim of getting to the root of the learning problem. “It has been scientifically proven that cognitive enhancement produces the synapses necessary for any subsequent experience or learning to be permanent. By optimizing the players’ cognitive abilities, we ensure that they improve better during training or games and therefore achieve a much higher level of performance in the game,” explains Juan clearly. Not only that, they also provide players with the necessary tools to reach their full potential.

He also has one piece of advice for anyone getting into the League of Legends video game: “Patience and most importantly, have fun exploring and playing. It’s all about this!”.

platform features

But there is no doubt that the strength of eStragy lies in the attention paid to the training of cognitive skills (skills related to information processing: attention, reaction speed, perception, memory, problem solving and understanding) applied to League of Legends will. Although on the other hand they also work on the technical and mechanical skills of the game that are developed and needed in League of Legends itself (farming, wave control, final blowcard inspection, etc.)

Juan Palomo and Sara Llorente, two of the founders of eStragy.

Speaking of tools, the first that it makes available to the player is a totally exclusive and personalized training plan, based on a previous analysis of the user’s strengths and weaknesses. From there, the user has a wide range of distributed games they call “cognitive spaces” to work on the 20 cognitive skills highlighted in each League of Legend game. “We have a partner The exception is CogniFit, a leader in the development of online programs for cognitive enhancement,” he emphasizes.

Revolutionary eStum system

What is the revolutionary eStum system used by eStragy? This method, based on a test of cognitive abilities and key indicators of game performance in League of Legends, assigns the player a completely personalized training plan. Juan Palomo reveals exactly how it works: “The application proposes three training suggestions and once you have chosen the one you like the most, the system creates a personalized training plan with the training days and matches. If you follow the schedule and play League of Legends as you normally would, you will reach your peak in the game.”

Though like everything in this life, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. “It’s impossible not to get something that won’t be repeated in the next game: improve communication with the team, improve self-control, improve mini-map observation, etc. The whole experience adds up!” emphasizes Juan .

Why in Tenerife?

The choice of Tenerife as a location is no coincidence. Juan tells us: “Canarias is a community that is very supportive of entrepreneurship and from our point of view it does so in a very intelligent way. It has created a network of advisors and specialists who accompany founders and new businesses from the very beginning, in order to achieve a symbiosis between the human and financial resources that a start-up needs and the value it can offer as it grows. to accomplish.

In fact, thanks to the grant, she has received invaluable support from the Government of the Canary Islands SME investments 2020 and the Sodecan equity loan, both grants co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. According to Juan, “Tenerife has a very good accelerator network that we were lucky enough to participate in, first at Mentor Day, the Dyrecto Group accelerator, which gave us the initial push; and secondly, Olympo Boxes, from the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, which allowed us to establish the idea and make very rapid progress”. And of course thanks to the great help of why Tenerife, always ready to advise you and to put you in contact with the different actors of the ecosystem if necessary. We already know the first step!

In this sense, he speaks specifically of the island of Tenerife as an idyllic enclave to visit, both for the support received and for its location and gastronomy. “A company’s greatest asset is its people, and the best thing is that they are happy and enthusiastic about their work. Tenerife is the perfect match for them,” he concludes.

As we have observed again, Tenerife is a good destination to start a business for many reasons and one of them and one of the most important is the support it receives from Why Tenerife, an investor support and advertising platform from the island of Tenerife; joining forces with public and private institutions to launch your business from this island connected to the world.