To the Director of Corporate Banking and Agro-Food Business of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, Ricardo Garcia LorenzoShe doesn’t like to distinguish between traditional and modern companies. If they’ve made it this far, they’ve all weathered the storm of the crisis well, “that they’ve learned to survive in a tough and very competitive environment.”

However, this does not mean the end of the challenges. Technology has led to the emergence of new forms of consumption and sales. Connection between offline and online worlds, multichannel, personalized shopping experiences, payment technologies… What was a trend until recently is today an overwhelming reality, imposing a sometimes unbridled rhythm that forces everyone to follow see your store grow.

digital transformation

On this journey of reinvention, Cajamar Cooperative Group launches the Business Platform (, a powerful comprehensive solution that aims to help all companies adapt to digital transformation and compete with the same tools and on the same terms as the big players.

With these objectives, they have signed strategic agreements with the most important companies in each sector, allowing Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar’s customers to benefit, under preferential conditions, from the most modern solutions in all areas and phases of a company.

A relevant actor

With this tool, Cajamar Group continues to develop into a relevant player in the national economy as a whole with strong support for small and medium-sized businesses. Starting from the relationship with the company, Platform Merchants gives the customer access to a range of services and solutions useful for growing their business.

A selection of world-class partners offering solutions for window dressing, marketing, security, cybersecurity, energy saving and efficiency, e-commerce and logistics, loyalty and customer acquisition… Together they offer a holistic vision with which the cooperative group intends to celebrate its more than 4 Helping millions of customers secure their market share, just a click away.

Cajamar provides the means

“We had never carried out a project of this magnitude in which commerce plays the absolute protagonist, the great forgotten of the economy in recent years, despite its enormous national and local weight,” explains García Lorenzo, encouraging entrepreneurs to make changes: ” Cajamar provides the funds.”

Up to a total of 18 agreements with as many companies have been signed to give the platform the desired robustness. Divided into 12 large groups, these are the partners who join the initiative in the various services:

The allies in this area are PayThunder Y loyalty card. The first, a solution to promote your business through digital signage, multimedia content, holograms, etc. Regarding the loyalty card, it manufactures plastic cards that can be used to manage information, communication and incentives for customer consumption.

trading specialists is the tool developed by the cooperative group that offers financial solutions to both early stage startups and companies in the different stages of their life cycle.

A shop window can determine up to 30% of a store’s sales and flavors also have a positive influence on consumer behavior. O Visual Merchandising Os Y Presentcover these two areas as experts in window dressing and scent marketing

In order to meet the challenges of small and medium-sized companies in the ale trade, they offer their solutions climbsa Telefónica company, and commandthe Correos Group.

Here is the ally to pin, a leader in cloud management tools for freelancers and SMBs. Approved by major tax authorities, the application allows for business management from anywhere, anytime.

This section contains Prosegur Alerts Y Lazarusthe latter specializing in their recovery, and Always ona technology services company that helps businesses prevent cybercrime.

In order to make legal defense easier for his clients if necessary, the services of a ragleader in the legal defense insurance sector with more than 80 years of experience.

Brother Preventionwhich belongs to the Quirón Salud Group, puts companies in contact with a leader in the field of occupational risk prevention, with a support network of 150 centers and 26 mobile units, which responds to micro-enterprises and the self-employed and adapts to their needs.

For good management of energy consumption, included optimize energya consultation on electricity contract advice to lower the bill, and ODF energya company dedicated to the commercialization of electricity and natural gas, offering solutions to all types of businesses through the development of efficiency projects.

In this area, the multi-brand company for rental, fleet management and corporate mobility alphabet provides us with electric vehicle rental solutions and flexible rentals with exclusive quarterly offers for customers of the new Cajamar Cooperative Group business platform.

Within the professional publications section, the Cajamar Cooperative Group, as a partner, incorporates the agreement signed with the Magazine for Entrepreneurs.All customers of the platform can benefit from a 40% discount on the annual subscription to the magazine. Likewise, this section contains articles and reports from Emprendedores magazine on topics that are very useful for companies.

The services provided by Plataforma Comercios to the franchise segment continue the company’s firm commitment to this system: “We wanted to exploit and promote the dynamism and sustained growth of the franchise when we saw that a touch of trust was needed,” says Ricardo Garcia Laurentius. A relationship the group began in 2014 and which they decided to cement in 2015 with an agreement with the Spanish Association of Franchisors (AEF), whose cooperation partner he is. On this day, the Franchise Network is made available to entrepreneurs and SMEs, a comprehensive tool that facilitates both the start of activity and the processes of expansion and modernization of any company, providing access to a wide range of financial products and services.

Now an agreement with the consulting company has been added to this alliance Barbadillo staff“a global franchise solution” that offers 15% discount for those who use some of its services through the platform.

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