The exchange of infant clothing between relatives or neighbors has always been widespread. With the Internet, the neighbors have now become a whole user community and what Grownies offers is the ability to trade kids’ clothes with the entire community. In this system, some parents offer a stack of clothes in perfect condition on the site, and if another user is interested, they can buy them €15.95 This includes picking up the clothes from whoever is offering them and shipping them to whoever is asking for them. The only requirement to request a lot is to have previously offered another. An idea that can earn them around 30,000 euros by the end of 2012.

This idea comes up Joan Marc Garcia when I read a foreign magazine that talked about an American company with this model and I decided to bring this model to Spain. With Jose Gorchs and Christian Puentes They decided to set it up and became a company in January 2011, although the site didn’t launch until a year later. Being a relatively new system, one of the initial problems was gaining people’s trust. “It was a challenge to explain a new way of consuming children’s clothes in the country, with the logical distrust and reluctance of a paradigm shift in consumption,” explains Joan Marc García.

Grownies also offers the possibility to offer tickets for several non-governmental organization who you work with They take care of the collection and shipping, and at a lower cost to the user offering the clothes.

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