Facebook plans to change its name before launching its Metaverse

Facebook plans to change its name next week. This important news published exclusively by the American media TheVergecomes just a week ahead of the company’s annual conference, which will be held on October 28th.

That renaming from Facebook, which would make its CEO and founder public, Mark Zuckerbergnext week, aims to become known “beyond social networks” with its new business areas, among which stands out the Metaverse, in which billions of dollars have already been invested.

In addition, the name change would serve to distance itself in some way from the various lawsuits and controversies in which the company has been embroiled in recent months, as well as the damage to its image following the fall of its main services – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – on October 4 for six hours.

as you remember Five daysChanging the name of Facebook would not be a new strategy in the Silicon Valley environment. 2015, Google already decided on this path alphabeta matrix that brings together all the company’s business areas such as search engines, online advertising, Android, YouTube…

Other big tech companies, such as SnapchatThey also overtook Facebook when it came to the name change. The social network decided to call snap inc. incorporated their camera glasses division into the group and began to define themselves as a company specializing in cameras.

Now, with its new name, Facebook intends that users stop thinking of a social network company when they hear its name and start thinking of the company that developed the new Metaverse, one of the technologies whose concept is complete the internet is to be revolutionized.

The Metaverse that Facebook is investing billions in

The creation of a metaverse – a digital parallel universe – is one of the big goals of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook for the coming years. So much so that they’ve announced they’ll be hiring 10,000 people in Europe to build what promises to be one of the great internet revolutions.

“I hope people will take us from a social media company to a different company in the years to come. The metaverse is, in many ways, the maximum expression of social technology,” Zuckerberg explained along those lines a few months ago.

But what is the metaverse? It will be something like a parallel universe that users will be in They can work, shop or interact with each other just like they do in reality. A type of hyper-reality video game that uses current technologies (virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) to get as close as possible to people’s physical lives.

One of the main goals of the metaverse is to make users feel like they are in a parallel universe, although it is similar to the current one. For this, economic activity will be a fundamental component. In this sense, the inhabitants of this new world will be able to buy and sell or even objects and land to start a business.

Payments could be made with tokens of the game itself, which would be exchanged for real money. This is how one dedicates oneself to selling a product or service in the Metaverse can become a real job for many people in aspects like interior design – who wouldn’t want to live in a luxury home, even if it’s in a parallel universe? -, the sale of exclusive products or the opportunity to work for others.

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