Atletico Fan Token

The crypto world continues to gain weight, stretching its tentacles to more and more sectors. Now it’s up to esports with the creation of so-called fan tokens, a crypto asset issued by esports companies that according to some sources is already moving $550 million with a trend according to its promoters appreciation in the years to come.

Football teams like Valencia, Atlético de Madrid or Juventus are already using them to generate and strengthen another source of income engagement with his fans. They also use them at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and were included in the ‘welcome pack’ when Leo Messi landed at the club. The player would collect part of his salary in these cryptocurrencies. Only the announcement managed to shoot the club token up to $40.74, which is 63% more.

For their part, PSG token holders had the opportunity to express themselves, for example, in the choice of the design of the captain’s armband. The club is also giving away free tickets to French league and cup matches for them.

For their part, teams like Atlético de Madrid introduced their own official fan token in January 2020, which can be purchased in the Madrid app., the same platform based on blockchain technology that tokenizes most clubs. “Our fans from all over the world will have a new way of interacting with the team, with the opportunity to take part in different activities, compete with each other and thus have the opportunity to win unique experiences” is the promise of the Madrid club .

It is also true that the decisions that the fans are involved in cannot be called transcendental, but rather the way of choosing, for example, which player of the team should manage the Instagram account. They do this by introducing official polls based on the popular vote, the more tokens, the greater the weight in the vote. However, in some cases, Fan Token holders can also access discounts, promotions or preferential access when purchasing tickets to the Games.

Not just fan tokens, also NFT

But fan tokens aren’t the only application of blockchain technology in esports. Also, non-fungible tokens, known by the acronym NFT, have made the leap from the art and fashion worlds to esports. What sets an NFT apart is that it is not interchangeable as there is no other. It would be the equivalent of the luxury market in the crypto world, because owning this NFT guarantees the owner exclusive enjoyment of something, as if owning a collector’s item, which in this case is a unique technological product.

Through NFTs you can digitize trophies, player jerseys or mythical games, medals, stickers… This trend has already followed, for example, cosmosthe company promoted by Gerard Piqué, associated with the fantasy football platform That rarehave acquired the digital rights to launch the NFTs of more than 50 historical players, such as Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff or Iker Casillas.

For each Legend, Sorare worked with production company Kosmos Studios to produce a series of exclusive interviews with the players, recounting unique experiences and feelings at key moments in their sporting careers. These interviews will be available on both player and Sorare channels.

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