Chocolate is tempting, irresistible but not essential, it needs to constantly draw the consumer in, forcing brands to constantly remind themselves that they are there to drive purchases.

In fact, this industry is the second food sector in advertising spending, about 35 million euros in 2011.

Even if it seems that chocolate is a single product, in recent years the combinations, formats and presentations have multiplied to such an extent that the public can only be attracted by unique proposals such as the Toblerones, the Kinder Surprise or the Ferrero Rocher among the foreign products or the Trapa chocolates and the Conguitos among the Spaniards.

Therefore, all brands compete in presenting new products every year. And it doesn’t pay that these proposals are unique, period. Companies have made the experience that even these original products only prevail if they are presented in new flavor and packaging combinations.

For this reason, the same products constantly renew their packaging, which Valor or Lacasa do. Unsurprisingly, these companies spend around 5% of their revenue on research and development, an investment they can make as chocolate is one of the few sectors that hasn’t suffered from the crisis.