File: filmotech
established in 2007.
Spanish cinema. Long, short and documentaries.
Premieres every Friday.
Equipment rental: 1.42 euros per film.
1,400 titles available.
selling films through the Tuya Forever system,
Unlimited Views.

Filmotech focuses on Spanish cinema and is based in Madrid. It is a joint initiative by a number of film producers who have gathered around their rights company, Egeda. Launched in March 2007 with around 250 titles, Filmotech now has more than 1,400, a number that continues to grow as, according to Business Director Rafael Sánchez Jiménez, “we have more than 2,000 titles digitized. The portal offers new releases or classic films such as those by Berlanga or Bardem. You can also watch documentaries or short films of all kinds as Filmotech hosts the most awarded short films at international festivals.

thematic specialization
Filmotech is blamed for the inconvenience of focusing on Spanish cinema, which limits its capacity for growth. But this is the essence of the portal: to serve as an alternative to downloads from P2P networks. Sánchez Jiménez is optimistic and cautious at the same time. “As far as it goes, it has worked relatively well. We must not forget that in Spain more than 99% of the cinemas seen on the internet are illegal downloads. Fighting the habits of many users, this idea of ​​’totally free’ that doesn’t exist in the US, will take time and effort,” he explains.

market still in its infancy
The Executive notes that “The Sinde Act will represent a significant advance. As well as initiating a debate on the impact of piracy, which will raise awareness among many people, it will increase pressure against illegal downloads, which will eventually lead to the closure of many illegal film websites. This explains why Sánchez Jiménez welcomes the arrival of Netflix “as a lever that will help create a legal film market on the internet,” something that is clearly in its infancy now. And that the Filmotech prices, at least per film rented, are the cheapest on the market: 1.42 euros per viewing.