Discovering projects in all kinds of industries, connecting with students looking for innovative ideas and meeting entrepreneurs with original projects is a preview of everything that’s possible on a first date. Science and “management” offer each other the opportunity to get to know each other in a single encounter.

ESADE announces its third Innovation Speed ​​Datingthe innovative concept of sessions using the formula to find the sentimental better half to facilitate the connection between innovators and entrepreneurs.

In this very original way, two profiles that need each other are brought together. On the one hand fully trained students to promote new ventures and on the other hand entrepreneurs with business potential who need the input of managers to make the initiative viable.

Participants will be able to discover projects linked to all types of sectors. For example, in this issue we will learn about wearable devices to detect gluten in food, T-shirt models with sensors to measure blood pressure or heartbeat, or a vibrating bracelet that improves the safety of deaf people.

The event takes place in ESADECREAPOLIS (Avinguda Torre Blanca 57. Sant Cugat) next Thursday April 14 at 4:30 p.m

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