The mortgage market has always been a sweet tooth for the business community. But it’s true that, like banking or real estate, it was crying out for “modernization.” and the start Farm yardone of the 50 Spanish startups that are part of our fourth ‘Entrepreneurs List’ has not hesitated to help this demand.

“We are the only ones fintech Spanish mortgage services company that has developed an intelligent system prejudgmentwith risk parameters and exceptional conditions of almost all banks, which allows us to offer the best offers on the market for every candidate profile in a matter of seconds,” he says Tor Jensenone of the founders of this company, born from the hands of Nuclio Venture BuilderWith Karl Weiss at the top, in addition to Silvia Escamez Y Markus Torres [en la foto, de izda. a dcha., respectivamente].

And why this business idea? “The real estate sector is growing, the banking sector continues to experience a crisis of confidence and the market demands transparency and sincere and impartial help in obtaining its mortgages. Society strives for convenience, practicality, speed and obtaining the best products or services. For all these reasons, there is no reason to waste time going through the banks trying to understand the interests offered by each one and their myriad list of links».

According to Jensen, they process about 200 mortgage applications every day. “We specialize in all types of mortgages nationally which, once advised, make it difficult for them to buy another home in the short term, but they always refer us to family and friends. And with our brand Promisewhich we started at the end of March B2BReal estate agents and financial advisors, we expect more than 3,000 visitors partner until the end of the year”.

It already has the support of financial institutions such as Bankia, Banc Sabadell, ING, Kutxa Bank, Bankinter or IberCaja, among others, with whom it has signed collaboration agreements. “Our main goal is to position ourselves as a mortgage reference at the national level, both in Finteca and in Prohipotecas. Our desire is to achieve full digital integration with banking companies in the medium and long term and to outsource their departments, although banking still has a long way to go in this area,” says Jensen.

The company that is one of its investment partners Risto Mejide, Inaki Ecenaro and others connected to the world property, is working on completing a €700,000 round of which she has already raised more than half. This amount is added to the initial contributions of the founders and the 200,000 euros received from the Institut Català de Finances.

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