MOTOR MARKET The shopping center of the 21st century

It was the passion for visiting markets in Europe that awakened the entrepreneurial elf in journalist Teresa Castanedo: “In this globalized world, people are always more grateful to find something else.” So in 2011, the first edition of the Mercado de came about almost spontaneously motors. A special venue was chosen for its premiere, the Delicias Railway Museum in Madrid (a new location is currently being considered due to management problems) and today around 25,000 visitors attend each edition, eager to learn more about what is on offer from around 300 suppliers to experience. But before this market established itself as a benchmark, there was work to do to get the independent designer that Castanedo wanted for his project: “It was complicated at first. We went shop by shop through the neighborhood of Malasaña and others and invited them to participate, even for free.”

reap what is sown
While waiting to move the project, many exhibitors are knocking on their door today: “There are great creators who can’t afford a physical store, but an online showcase and attending these events will guarantee good dissemination.” The Project grows with Mercado de Oficios, its new monthly bet that brings together old crafts, antiques and collectibles on the esplanade of the Matadero Center in Madrid. Once again “a holistic range of leisure activities” with animation and gastronomy.

DESIGN CENTER In defense of the Creator

We saw a niche to fill, that the pop-up store and the flash sale were consolidating and that we could become a design and designer proposal,” says José Félix García, explaining the birth of the Mercado Central de Diseño: “You are nobody until you have finished an edition, and to be able to publish the first one requires important communication work”. García was aware that his event should become a benchmark and it is among the institutions in the sector where he has achieved important synergies. In fact, their market is located at the headquarters of the Madrid designers’ association and in their Barcelona edition, an alliance has been made with the new Disseny Hub. “Our differentiating element is the offer, which focuses on promoting quality design and connects us with other initiatives that share the same interests.”

Progress through innovation
Founded just over a year ago, the company with seven employees is working on its diversification: “We are in a growth and learning phase. We are aware that, like all products, they have a life cycle and those who do not innovate do not progress.” The consolidation of the Mercado Condal de Diseño in Barcelona, ​​​​the online edition and the first international edition in Milan for next April are currently his main bets.

OPEN YOUR GANBARA The neighborhood market for the whole city

Behind this initiative is a cultural promotion association linked to the Zorrozaurre neighborhood in Bilbao, which divides its market into two areas: an amateur area where individuals can sell and barter used products; and professional area dedicated to new designers. The fee for the former is 15 euros, for the latter 50 euros.

don’t lose your identity
Located in the old Artiach biscuit factory, an 18,000 m2 facility where various initiatives coexist that use this space to give personality to a proposal that in its five years of existence has transcended the neighborhood and reached the entire city and its surroundings has influence. . Indeed, explains Nerea Díaz, director of Espacio Open, the association that promotes it, “the challenge now is to grow but without losing the spirit of the neighborhood event with which we were born.”
The increase in the exhibition area of ​​2,000 m2 and the periodicity, hitherto monthly, are the two measures considered.

HANGAR MARKET For the love of art

Sometimes a design marketplace can be an advertising add-on for another company. This is the case of the Hangar Market, an initiative by Elisa Sanz and Miguel Ángel Tudanca, sheltered by their center for musical and artistic creation, El Hangar, with which they have been rocking the city of Burgos for the past five years: “For us, it is enough for it Self-financing, the aim is to bring the city’s movers and shakers into contact with their audience”, which is why the rent has a symbolic price of 25 or 35 euros. With this spirit, the 2011 initiative was born with humility and care. Elisa Sanz, costume and set designer by profession, designed an attractive space to accommodate the 20 first exhibitors recruited in Burgos and Madrid. And it worked. Since then it has grown and now the initiative is asking for more space. A possibility that its creators are studying.

More than just a business
Sanz warns of the danger of a boom in the design markets. “I visit many and it worries me to see how some of them give the impression that they want to do business with the exhibitors. It seems terrible to me, but it doesn’t work either. We must strive to inform, advise and collaborate with them, we believe this is the best way for everything to work well,” he affirms.

VAN VAN GOURMET MARKET Go for specialization

Max Porta’s experience shows that the design market movement still has much to explore. The cultural project manager is part of the Lost&Found Market team, an initiative that has been active in Barcelona since 2007 and successfully promotes vintage and second-hand. Porta and four other partners ready to spin the loop launched Van Van Mercado Gastronómada in June, bringing together 22 caravans, vans and vans authorized for restaurant service in the Parque de la Ciudadela during La Mercè celebrations. The first food track market in Spain was born.
“Everything happened very quickly,” explains Max Porta, “we received a large number of suggestions to settle down and participate in the market”. After the second edition in Sant Cugat, the initiators examine how to make profitable an initiative whose reception overwhelmed them. “We know that we have to adapt closely to the parameters of each event that hosts us and this forces us to change the strategy in each edition,” he explains.

new exclusive model
With its careful and beautiful retro vehicles, Van Van Market inaugurates another model of exclusive restaurant design market, immersing itself in the zero kilometer consumption culture, offering fast food with gourmet types and a surprising consumption experience.

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