In total there are 189 projects related to the PropTech industry in Spain. The way they have specialized in different areas gives us an idea of ​​the tremendous opportunities such a young market offers.

housefy: a digital property

This project represents the new way of understanding buying and selling an apartment in an online environment. It is not a typical portal where the owner limits himself to placing an advertisement and receiving offers, but rather one that is more similar to the service of classic real estate agencies (assessment of the home, ensuring the profitability of the operation, support from an expert during of the whole sales process (to get the best price) and marketing expert for the development of communication and images on portals such as Idealista, fotocasa, etc. In addition, Housfy accompanies buyers and sellers at the time of signing and even helps them to find financing.

warranty: the startup that certifies if a tenant is solvent

This new company is based on the issuance of solvency certificates issued by an independent body in order to shorten the rental period of an apartment. The three players in the rental market can use its online tool to participate in the Garantify process: the tenant – who saves time by commissioning the creditworthiness certificate – the real estate company – who pays a fee of between three and five euros when viewing their certificates – and the owner the property. They also offer the option to take out a non-payment policy.

housemates: a real estate crowdfunding portal

From this platform, anyone can invest in new real estate projects, but not aimed at acquiring as an owner, but to get a return on their money. It allows you to choose between properties to be used for rent (earning the proportional part of the investment), investments in rehabilitation or loans to developers for new construction. Planning information for professionals

It is a digital tool that allows real estate agencies, architects, city councils and real estate asset managers to access urban information on all types of real estate: urban planning laws, cadastres, historical heritage, urban qualification of plots, urban planning warnings…

Qassa: Rating houses for their beauty, quality and economy

Rather than focusing solely on an apartment’s economic value, this platform offers property classifications that assess beauty, quality and economy. And that from huge and constantly updated databases. Why this form of classification? Because its promoters understand that when buying a home, in addition to the price, aspects such as build quality (and whether we need to spend more money on renovations or heating), neighborhood, etc. must also be taken into account.

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