Bose Tri-Port IE

Small but thug. These in-ears are just as minimalist in appearance as their competitors. The difference is in the sound. They fit easily in the ear (they have a silicone shell) and offer incredible bass response for their size. It is possible that this reason catapulted it to the top of the world sales list despite its price. And if you are not satisfied with anything and are looking for quality, you end up paying a little more. Price: 100 euros.

Brick MP3

Recently, objects that emulate the pieces of the famous children’s construction company have multiplied. From lamps (Lego Lamp) or furniture (Lunablocks) to simple pens or memory pencils in Lego Star Wars style. This simple MP3 closes the loop on Lego-style objects. Store up to 500 songs on a memory card. An MP3 that “gives a lot of play”. Price: 32 euros.

Denon DHT FS5

It’s the ultimate in home theater sound. The Japanese company Denon has developed a team from a single module that is placed under the TV and provides surround sound. A panoramic speaker that offers spectacular soundtracks without filling the room with more cables. The Denon DHT-FS5 has power (150 watts) and quality. It has six speakers inside, driven by X-Space Surround technology that emulates bounce-free surround sound. Dimensions 750 x 118 x 138mm. Price: 500 euros.

Dmtech LA24

Every time we buy bigger screens. Also as a second TV, we started choosing 24 inch TVs to put in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Screens like the one on this Korean TV signed by the Bauhaus design studio and available in glossy black or white lacquer finish. It also has an integrated DVD player, DVB-T tuner, HDTV connections, USB socket (for playing a memory) and input for the computer. Price: Available at Christmas.

Grundig Audiorama

This pair of retro-futuristic speakers recreates the 70’s. Back then, the German company (from Nuremberg) presented this pair of balloons with a stratospheric design that followed the aesthetics they used in movies like Logan’s Run or 2001 A Space Odyssey. Today they appear again in a special edition for friends of good sound with design. Price: 1,000 euros (two boxes).

Loewe Art47SL

Technology, high definition and design. They are the key points of this luxury television. The German company has embedded a 47-inch True High Definition (Full HD) liquid crystal panel in a slim-line body designed by the Phoenix Design company. Optionally, the TV can have a satellite tuner or a hard drive (up to 250 GB) to record directly from the TV. By the way, it’s the first to tune in and record in high definition. Price: approx. 3,500 euros.

Photo frame SPC-651

Releasing a digital photo frame every day. The Spanish company SPC has liquid crystal photo frames with a 6, 7 and 8 inch screen. Specifically for this six-inch we can choose between 14 different models of interchangeable moldings. The frame has a clock, calendar and remote control, and the photos are stored on an SD memory card. Price: 70 euros.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Connect your musical vocation to a touchscreen that works like a clock. Knowing that anyone would compare this phone to the iPhone, the Finnish company has taken painstaking care of its features and operation. 3.2 megapixel camera (640 x 360 pixels), music on memory card, standard headphone jack, “stereo” Bluetooth, GPS and instant response to every press on the brilliant 3.2” touchscreen. Finnish precision at the service of music. Price: 325 euros (free).


Who says big, slim TVs are expensive? This 42-inch diagonal widescreen model is compatible with high definition images (Full HD) and costs only 750 euros. A living room TV with DTT tuner (Digital Terrestrial Television), HDMI connections (High Definition Digital) and all imaginable features such as PIP (Picture in Picture), program guide, screen adjustments… Price: 750 euros.

Philips AJL305

It’s an alarm clock, a message recorder and a digital frame to place up to five mini photos. Passport photos of family members (or failing that, roommates). The invention makes it possible to record announcements of up to two minutes addressed to each of the persons represented. In addition, the frame supports up to 20 different photos and sets the radio (it has 20 memories). Price: 100 euros.

Pioneer PDP-LX5090

A screen for large rooms. The Japanese company continues to rely on the quality of plasma technology. This ninth-generation panel model has a 50-inch widescreen display and is ready for HD broadcasts. Both for the resolution of the panel and for its tuner (DTT HD). The TV can also play videos coming from the home computer network (DLNA standard). Price: 3,600 euros.

Samsung F480

Touch is trendy and the Koreans have been testing this technology with their terminals for some time. This Samsung F480 has a 2.8-inch screen (240×320 pixels), a five-megapixel camera and a smile detector that works like a timer: the photo is only taken when the subjects smile. The mobile phone has a music player (MP3), a video player (MPEG-4) and an FM radio. Price. 500 euros (free).

Sony turtleneck

Such a music robot contains an MP3 player, one of many experiments by the renowned Japanese company Sony. The invention includes storage for about 500 songs (2GB), but the most curious thing is that the gossip can (more or less) dance to the rhythm of the music. The invention is also Bluetooth compatible to record music wirelessly from a computer or mobile phone. The price is high, but you know. The oddities are paid. Price: 400 euros.

The Scandyna drop

According to the Danish manufacturer, its speaker enclosures have a design based on organic shapes. More precisely, this model is called Drop. Available in six different colors (white, black, silver, blue, yellow and red). The company also put a lot of effort into the installation: there are up to four ways to assemble it at home. Dimensions / Weight: 22 x 44 x 17 cm / 2.3 kg. Price: 570 euros.

Thin LCD cars

A fantasy TV for the boy’s room. The TV is a bit small, but appealing thanks to its Cars-style truck-shaped frame with wheels and a slim 15-inch screen. The TV has a Pixar Disney design and comes with a matching red remote control. The company has another similar screen with a special High School Musical frame. Price: 300 euros.

Pocket MP4 TV SPC 703

It is the all-in-one among pocket devices. A device that includes TV, radio, photo viewer and lots of music. The invention is accompanied by a championship screen (3.5 inches) and 4 GB of memory expandable with memory cards. It is able to display texts (eBooks) and set DTT channels. Price: 200 euros.

Yamaha MCR730

The classic micro chain has adapted to the times. This Japanese Yamaha model features a DVD (CD and MP3 compatible) with high definition output (HDMI), USB input, radio tuner and connection to a pocket stereo (compatible with the optional YSD-11 iPod base). He is accompanied by two loudspeakers and a 60-watt amplifier in a record room. Price: 430 euros.

Parrot Specchio by Martin Szekely

The French artist Martin Szekely is responsible for this technological work of art. When switched off, this unique digital photo frame looks like a mirror. When switched on, snapshots appear as if by magic. It fits 1,500 photos and it also displays images it collects from any communication system: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication), USB or memory cards (of the SD type). Price: 350 euros.

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