Tiktok and Byte Dance

tick tock is equivalent to byte dance, a company that, after a frustrated attempt in the United States, has decided to delay its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange until 2022. The Chinese company has failed to allay suspicions fueled by former US President Donald Trump that TikTok could endanger national security by “maliciously” collecting data on its citizens.

However, that hasn’t stopped Bytedance’s flagship product, TikTok, from continuing to grow like wildfire. In a short period of time, TikTok has managed to dominate not only all networks, including Instagram, but also every other company, since today the Beijing-based company was founded in 2012 by Zhang Yimingtops the list of unicorns in the world.

What is the success of this social network? TikTok empowers content creators to express themselves in creative and light-hearted ways. What catches users’ attention is that anyone can post on it and suddenly go viral without anyone knowing about it and without any prior work to win over the audience.

The “For You” section. by Tiktok

They achieve this with the app’s “For You” section, which allows them to feature new or unknown creators and make their content viral alongside those with millions of followers. The key to success lies in the algorithm, making it easy for new creators by giving them a chance and breaking through the self-importance of follower metrics. In the “For you” section, what is being said is more important than who is telling it. This ease of suddenly becoming famous is the big difference that TikTok users appreciate compared to other social media platforms.

Creators who are already popular find it easier to get noticed, but TikTok doesn’t consider a creator’s number of followers or viral history when deciding what content to show where. That’s why the “For You” section combines viral hits with new videos by unknown creators, some of which only have a few views.

By clicking on the “For you” option, the user receives a collection of personalized videos, which the network selects after interpreting that the content may be of interest to you. If they hit the nail on the head, you might end up following this tiktoker you didn’t know at all. It is clear that it is the network’s algorithm that makes the choice, not the creator. The likelihood of a video ending up on the “For You” page depends on various factors such as the tone, the message or the hashtags it contains. .

The way creators have to make money is quite conventional since it is advertising that supports the platform, a model that thanks to the metrics and the millions of downloads (800 million monthly active users, according to Datareportal, 2020) still works for her. and over 2 billion downloads).

As far as the possibility of making money with TikTok is concerned, there are no longer so many differences compared to the rest of the networks. The more followers you have and the more loyal the audience, the more opportunities you have to enter into a cooperation agreement with a brand, create advertising space and get billed from the same platform that pays to upload videos from 1,000 views. To become part of the TikTok Creators Fund, besides being of legal age, they must have at least 10,000 followers and have accumulated 10,000 views in the last 30 days. To get an idea, there are calculations that a Tiktoker can earn around $100 per 10,000 followers.

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