If the internet has made anything easier in people’s lives, it’s in providing quick access all existing offers from almost all sectors. Finder for flights, trips, rental cars, accommodation… But the famous “search and compare” saves a lot of time. In this case, we are talking about a parcel search engine, in which to enter the dimensions and weight of the parcel and from where and to where you want to send (international shipments too). After that, the search engine provides a comparison of different companies that Genei works with and the client chooses the one that suits him best.

«We had a very important advantage: we were customers of each of the companies we work with today and therefore knew the strengths and weaknesses of each service we would offer. That gave us security when developing our idea,” he explains. Ruben Lopez, one of the two company founders. “We didn’t want to be just one more in the logistics industry, that’s why we are working hard on our website to provide the user with a tool to manage their shipments from anywhere in the world without having to travel.” And perhaps the greatest advantage is the simple search system, into which they invested a large part of the 30,000 euros it took them to start Genei.

in one sector so competitive like logistics, have understood how to differentiate themselves. “We are currently refocusing our business to allow our customers to become part of Genei by opening a Genei Center in their store, expanding and diversifying potential customers as these centers will appear on our website and thus meet a large crowd many people from very different industries can do it,” says López.


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